A Whole Lifetime Of Living: A Guide For Those Seeking A Better Life

Purpose: Finding Meaning In Living

One could reason, that if you could meet your needs in life, having all the necessary provisions in life; you would naturally want to live to enjoy living.

Think about it. If all your needs are met; the next logical step would be to enjoy being alive. And really, the purpose of life is to enjoy living.

People loose track of what really matters in life. They get distracted with the distractions, and put unnecessary drama into their lives. When really the goals should be simple; to enjoy being alive.

The problem comes when someone has needs that aren’t being met, or cared for. Then you have a problem. If you think about it, anything that causes you to have hurt, pain, or discomfort would be a bad thing.

So there should be a way to have the necessary comforts in life. To be free from pain, hurt, or discomfort; or at the very least to minimize those problems to livable thresholds.

When you have your needs met, the next logical step is to enjoy being alive. To take pleasure from being able to eat a good meal, to enjoy being outside in clean air, and having the company of good people.

The rest of it, is just stuff. Some of it is very useful; and you wouldn’t want to live without it. However, you have to put things into perspective; and have a level of balance that people have lost, and forgotten about.

Really, if you can take pleasure from the simple act of living, there is a better chance that you will feel really good about living. So take the time to enjoy being alive. Make people put the drama, and rush aside. There is enough for everyone to have some, which is enough.

However, if your needs are not being met, and you are unable to get what you want from life, that is a real problem. If you have pains, or discomforts that are unbearable, and have people that make your life impossible, then something has to be done about that. Those are problems that need addressed.

Really, a person that has their needs met, could enjoy living, and being alive in ways that would make life worthy. To be able to eat a good meal with friends and family. To be able to enjoy doing something for no reason other than the sheer pleasure of doing such.

Then, you are really living. People need to set aside the drama, and the problems, and take the time to enjoy really living, for the pleasure of living. Because that is really important to be able to do something for the pleasure of being able to do such.

We have to get back to a place, where people are happy being alive. The problems have sky rocketed. People are unhappy, they don’t have the respect, or the honor they once did, and everyone is feeling it. Really, we have to make life worth living again. To be able to do such, we have to be able to enjoy living.

People get frustrated, and agitated, and then they make problems for everyone else by either being cruel, or through ignorance. And really we have to start to put those things aside. People in this world have not been kind, they put more importance on making money, having nice cars, and being wealthy.

They put this pressure on people, and they allow them to rob them of the joy of living, and taking delight in being a living, breathing, being. Please stop being jerks. Sure it is good to have goals that are big, or even out of this world. Everyone needs some challenge sometimes. It may even be one of those things people do for the sheer pleasure of doing such. However, to put that pressure on other people, and expect them to conform to your idea of great, is absurd, insane, and hurtful.

Don’t let them rob you of your joy of being able to live life. There are more things in this world than needed, and you couldn’t own it all at once. You wouldn’t even want to.

Something however must be done that eases the pain, hurt, and discomfort that people have. There has to be something that will bring them comfort when everything is hurting. Too many people have pains they can not cure, or heal from. And most people don’t make the problem any easier to deal with.

Really, we have to be aware, and have some care. To do what is kind, and honest. Without that, life isn’t going to get better. Too many people are unhappy because people are not being true.

They have lost their way, caught up in the rat race; trying to get ahead in life, to have more than someone else. When they are only hurting themselves, and missing out on the opportunity to enjoy being alive for the sake of living. If you have the necessary needs being met, then don’t pursue things that take away from the enjoyment of living. If people put more importance on the living part, and less importance on what they have; life would get a lot better for everyone.


Live life to enjoy being alive. If you have pains, hurts, or discomforts, try to do what you can to reduce the hurt, and pain. You have to ignore those who are lost in this world, those that don’t understand these things. Everything else is just stuff, and can likely wait. Unless you don’t have music in your life, because life without music would be a terrible mistake.


This idea that you need a million dollars to enjoy life; or that God isn’t blessing you because you don’t have a million dollars is absurd. Really people have made money their God, and have hurt those trying to enjoy living for the sake of living.

Photo Credit: Photo by Matias North on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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