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This is my new project. It's not a pet. It doesn't whine like a cat that's out of milk. Doesn't bark like mad dog that someone didn't take them for a walk. It's because someone has neglected a real live person, and that doesn't fly too good.

You know you neglect a dog, they have ways of making their voice heard. Likewise, you neglect a real living being long enough, they are going to make some noise. Not everyone that seems to be a person is a sentient being. It’s my understanding that sentient beings have to have an I.Q. of at least a hundred.

There may however be a bunch of chimpanzees running around in human suits. That’s not what bothers me. Watch out, I hear there are some rattlesnakes that have made it into being human. They ain’t too bright, but they are like grammar nazi’s when it comes to spelling Mississippi right. Yeah, but can you spell it backwards and upside down?

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