Day 69

There are two hundred and ninety-six days that remain in this year. Living in the year twenty nineteen, you would think things would be better for the people in this world. It’s incredulous these days that I feel like I’m in the way and a problem.

They think I’m a misfit because I won’t soft their soap. They should have known I was a misfit long before that. Looking back at the last sixty-nine days, some of them have been okay. If you don’t count the pain and the blood. Or the tears I couldn’t shed.

Yesterday wasn’t a bad day. Did something creative. Today when I look back on the day and think about what I have done with my time on this day, I hope to remember something good. Sometimes you have to create the perfect moment, and the perfect time. Those things don’t always just, “Happen” to you. If you are living only by serendipity, you may find that life isn’t very rewarding.

I know after having been on auto-pilot and serendipity search for years, it left me feeling disillusioned and very unhappy. Life has beaten me to my knees and left me a bloody mess on the ground. I keep trying to get back up, but everyone says, “No, just give up.”

Sometimes a person needs their Orange Crush to put things into perspective. It just seems romance in this world has been put to death; such a short and tragic life. I wish we could bring her back to life, and give her a thrown above hate and greed.

The loss of kindness has left the world cruel. Humans would do well to head the warning and make being kind a thing we all have and want again. However don’t use her like a thing, because she needs tender care like a being that’s a friend.

Don’t abuse her and love her pet trolls, “Hate, and Anger” They will eat you alive. I wish that people would actually start to talk with each other again. So often these days, people only talk “To” others without finding the good sense to talk “With” their people.

They say in a song, “That silence like a cancer grows.” This is so true, and humanity needs a cure, even if it means standing in the street and screaming at the top of our voice. We need to be heard again, because otherwise we are all going to wind up being silent bugs, that just get eaten up.

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