Finding Courage To Be Yourself And Unlocking Your True Power

The Power of Courage. . .

Life takes some real courage. Not everyone will see things the way you do. Not everyone likes to talk about ideas, or challenges in life. Some people, will go out of their way to avoid having to have those conversations.

And when the world seems like its made for people with small minds, you search for the ones that will understand. Pity, few today will even listen. Hence, we seek light in the dark, and look for like minded people that have more on their minds than pop culture.

Because, life can be tough. You want to make it better, however knowing a way that will work seems impossible. So you keep your head down, drop your eyes in the street, and pray for some relief.

Seems, salvation only comes in our dreams these days. And people don’t listen, or think. I guess, we have to forgive them; if such a thing would make life a kinder place.

Thanks For The Lessons

Seems this world, and this life; it all has some lesson it is trying to teach us. Because people are hard headed, sometimes progress is slower than it should be. I have not learned them all, and have no plans of making every mistake; yet, my lessons have been educational.

Someone will think, because of what changes us we can never recover from such a lesson. While, you need to understand not every lesson is meant to be learned. Some learn, some pay no heed. Seems life is meant to be lived, and sometimes lessons are easy to learn.

Don’t make every mistake, and take care of yourself in ways that you can live a long time. Not everyone can just wing it; you have to plan. It takes a lot of courage to live free, so many today want to oppress you.

If you live life to the max, remember no one is perfect; that way leads to some real mistakes. Because when you are on the wild side, there is always some bumps along the way.

People with shallow existence have their own problems, and no time to listen. They will pay no never mind; even if you beg. Best, to save your dignity, and not waste words on those who fail to listen.

You would think, someone will notice. However, after a long time with no results; you wonder if the world is a madhouse?

Access Your True Self

You have to have kept a journal for a number of years to connect your mind to your soul, and the soul to your heart. Once you do, things change. Everything becomes more reasonable, with better thoughts.

Learn your lessons early. Because, life is rough. Life gets easier when you do it right. Do your best, and make life easier in the long run. Even if it all goes wrong, failure is rarely permeant. Success is not always based on luck. Also failure is not always because of a lack of skill. Therefore, be kind in your ways, because you never know when someone is struggling.

Successful people struggle, and hope for better; while working class hero’s are having fun. Not everything is perfect, and the sand in your socks isn’t comfortable. Still, you can wash your socks; and make life just as good.

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Яна Гурская on Unsplash

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