Five Small Changes You Can Make To Be Happier

Five Tips To Live Better

If you are looking to improve your life and you are not sure where to start, I can offer five points that will help transform your life for the better.

Remove The Word

I once read the worst word in the english language you can say or think, is the word: “Can’t”. If you remove this word from your thinking, and from your vocabulary you will soon find that you can do a lot of things you previously didn’t believe you could.

Add The Word

Use the words: “I can” and watch your life shift. Your thinking will change, and you will start to see remarkable results from your efforts.

Give it a shot for a while. Try correcting yourself every time you say or think: I can’t with the words: I can! Watch how your life will change and improve.

Write In A Journal

Spend ten minutes a day writing in your journal. If you write every single day; you will be closer to knowing yourself a little better. Set the goal of writing 500 words everyday. After about a year, go back through and read what you wrote.

You will see a lot of change just from writing in your journal. This is an important part of getting in touch with yourself, and learning about what makes you an individual.

Listen To Music

If you find it difficult to listen to music, then you are not listening to the right music. Search for and look for music that you like, that you can listen to for long periods of time.

My advice is to avoid bubble gum music and listen to real music that has soul, depth, and makes you feel something real. By listening to music, it uses almost every part of your brain at the same time. Get in the habit of listening to music often.

It will change your life; for the better. Music will change your life. It really will. You have to search for music that has real substance. Try listening to classical when sleeping at night.

Drink Coffee

If you drink a good amount of coffee everyday, it will add to your daily routine. Should you have days the above items don’t feel like they are working, this one will add the kicker.

Coffee is good for you. It will help you feel alive.

Watch you life change. Try drinking 40 oz of coffee everyday.

Photo Credit: Photo by Olga Thelavart on Unsplash

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