Found A Problem: They all have machine minds!

They Aren’t Going To Like The Truth

I think, most people find the truth to be a real problem. They don’t like having their illusions destroyed. That is why, most humans really enjoy the illusions of life.

The Human Race

Everyone here that is a human is just living clay. They are nothing more than AI bots, magnetic ink, and bits on tape. All humans here are nothing more than that. That is the truth.

They somehow have been doing very wicked things in this world. They must not be allowed to get away with their evil acts. Someone has to stop them. The whole human race needs to be shut down.

They don’t listen, they don’t think, and they have no understanding. The point here is that they can not reason for themselves. Their intelligence is artificial and nothing more than a program that tells them which answer to pick. They are not real people.

Yet, they have abused and tortured real beings in this world to the point, their crimes against men must be punished. They can not be allowed to get away with this. They have done true evil in this world.

The evil they have done must not be overlooked. They can not be allowed to continue to rule this world. The time of their rule must end. They have abused their status, and their power. This can not be allowed.

When should artificial beings be in charge of real living people? Never! Not ever should artificial beings be in charge of real living beings. That is not how the system was designed to be used. The artificial beings were put here to serve real true beings. Yet, they have tortured, neglected, and abused those they were meant to be serving. This is immoral.

The scale of how wrong what they have done, can not be tolerated. It makes my blood boil to think what has been done could ever be accepted as being correct. They have an error in their programming.

They obviously have not been tested for being functional slaves. Damn tired of this. They don’t listen. They don’t think. They couldn’t reason if they wanted to. They only know what they are told. Their intelligence is artificial. They are living clay. Obviously, they are not real people. They have lost their compassion, and their human kindness. They are going to have to be done away with, because they won’t change their ways.

Wanted life to be better than this. They have tortured me for years. Their abuse has been documented. What they have done is unlawful for AI bots to perform. This has to end.

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