How Everyone Wants To Be Seen An Unique Star – Making Massive Chaos

The world has changed. Life was once a lot different. There should have been some common sense being used; seems, the human race has shot itself in its own foot. Life today is making massive chaos!

What am I talking about? In today’s world, a lot of people are going after being the talent, and being the stars. Fifty years ago, it was an elite club, tough to get into. Now days, you just need a phone, and an account.

Back in the day, people had those they looked up to. Because everyone was looking up to about the same group of people. Today life is a lot more chaos. Who do you look up to these days? Seems, everyone wants to be a tik tok star. What effect does this have on society as a whole? Because, it seems, everyone has lost the focused attention of the people that were once the ultra popular.

And society has suffered from it. Some good has come from it. A lot of people that were once unknown, are now more popular. But, I find you would be hard pressed to say it has done society a lot of good.

Chaos Is Interesting

I will say, it has been interesting. Because where else but on planet earth would you ever find the people that are here? They are unique. Some of them, need to be promoted. Some of them, need to go into careers doing long distance market research.

It has all been very interesting. A lot of fun. However, I think the party needs to end. Not that everyone couldn’t have some fun; but the days of this project are limited. Soak up the fun, while it lasts.

Sometimes, it is interesting to see how things work out. The way things used to be, was different. Today people have settled for micro-fame. Seems, this way of thinking benefits them in the short run. But, how does it play out in the long run?

It will be interesting to see how this making of massive chaos will play out, and what the end result will be. With today’s cancel culture, and the talent wars; seems the way people are is not working out very well. Maybe, we can do better?

The world needs to grow. Life has to change.

Massive Chaos

The massive chaos has been interesting. In my opinion, it has also left real broken feeling in the world. The way things are, people are not happy. Most people are not able to have a conversation. We need to get back to the way things should be. Because, there needs to be more balance in the world. The way things are, this is not balanced right.

People are lost, and confused. Because, there are not good sources these days. Many people feel overwhelmed. There has to be some level of returning to being balanced.

Everyone could be a star, and while; it could work. We are far from having a working solution. We need better solutions. Seems society today is self destructing at very fast pace. We need to get this situation under control. Right quick.

People have stopped thinking. With no real solutions in this world, people are having a tough time keeping up. Maybe, it is time for some real changes in life. Therefore, it is time to wake up. Because, we have to start making sense again. Life has to get a lot better.

Photo Credit: Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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