Life And The Ghost

Life is a snark hunt. Wish you well with your pursuits. Really we do. It seems what ever you choose to pursue will only have limited value. That is not to say it won’t have some value to you, however what today has any real value?

Seems everyone wants to be famous, or have the big house, and car. But look at the people who have had those things, and maybe learn from their experience. Some things have different outcomes, sometimes life makes it own plans. How it goes for each of us depends upon us.

But what about staying low? Or at least staying in the middle space, and not sinking too far below reasonable? It is good to have enough. Maybe, it is only when things are in excess that the problems start.

Something I was thinking about today:

Machinery Of The Mind

You can train your mind to be a robot. But why would you?

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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