Modern Culture

There are some serious problems with today’s modern culture. It seems someone has taken a wiz in the sample of what was to become something better. Seems the whole experiment has been ruined by people that sabotage good people’s work.

Today’s modern culture has become really twisted. They are so far in extremes that they have no balance. Therefore they have fallen off a cliff of their own devices. Not that we haven’t been sounding the alarm for a few years, but these people refuse to listen.

Today’s modern culture is self destructing. If nothing else it is ramping up for self destruction. There will be nothing left if this isn’t changed before it’s too late. What I want to know is who is doing this stuff? Why have they done this? What purpose does it serve? What good can come from it? If you ask me the option of just turning the human race into a batch of cheese danishes might be the best option.

Tired of the Lab Rats

I’m tired of being alone, tired of the problems. Today with algorithms running what content I see or what they think they want me to see. The whole system is designed for digital oppression and bias. Why are they still treating people like lab mice when this should have been completed in the fifties? These experiments should have been concluded in the fifties. Why are we living like this seventy years later? Do they want to know how to make more murderers? Maybe.

Digital oppression designed to make people fail by using computer algorithms that deliberately prevent people from rising. If that’s true, then it’s time to tear the system down and rebuild everything that exists. The change has to come from the systematic thought patterns that keep building these damn fool experiments.

C-Zero-C EDB-Zero-I-EH

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