My Books

You want to read them?

The Bad News

The bad news is that my books on are password protected. And this has been done for good reason. Want to keep track, of who can access them.

Hence, the page with the downloads for my books has been password protected.

The Good News

If you want the password; there are two ways to get it.

Ask me for the password, by sending me an email. Or the other option is to look on my site:, and find the hidden password on the site.

Which ever you choose, if you really want to read my books; there are two options for you to try out. I will send you the password, in the event you write me, and ask really, really nice.

Otherwise; if you’re a big meany you can look on my whole site for the password to unlock the download page for my books.


There are four of five books on my download page. And you should read all of them, and figure out what I’m talking about. It might make your life, better.

So go for it. Read my books. In the event you’re smart enough to find the password without sending me an email; then I want to hear from you.

It would be nice, to know you enjoyed the books. So be sure, to let me know what you think of them.

And that concludes, this message.

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