Projects In The Pan

Looks like I’m a happy camper; there are a few projects in the pan, and on the fire this week. Not that my projects are on fire, but at least they are on the burner for something to be doing.

Been working on solving some problems, some of them need solved. Not sure the best way to execute my solutions right now. Need a clear path to success. Been thinking about what success means to me.

At what level should one base their success upon? From where I’ve been coming from, this would look like success to me. Yet, I still do not believe I’ve reached the full height of what could be done. There is still a lot more work to be done.

Took my portrait today. Looking at how things are changing. There have been some changes made, a lot of them for the better. How much is enough? At what point does it ever become enough for me?

Ctopher Thomas

I’ve been working on something. It isn’t ready yet, maybe soon. I’m not sure if my meaning will come from what I do, it seems I’m not as useful as I would like to be. Somehow, I have to make a difference in life, and I’m not going to settle for ordinary.

What makes a person extraordinary? What qualities would someone have to have to be more than ordinary? Seems, some people will only continue to hate, despite what is good for them.

Yeah, but I want to be loved. I guess, it is necessary to show some love first. That is something that I read recently. I wonder, because a lot of people have been turning me away, yet I’m not being mean, nor rude. The human race seems to be confused.

How do we make them understand that life has to change for the better? Something has to be done to help people adapt to the changes that need made. But how?

People don’t like discomfort, nor do they like pain. So there has to be a way to adapt to change that isn’t painful, with the least amount of discomfort possible. Yet, they don’t give a rats ass about my discomfort, nor the pain I’ve been in. Seems like the standards they hold only apply to themselves.

I’m not sure what projects are going to come my way, yet I’m doing what I can with what I have. There needs to be something that makes my life extraordinary, more than just living like zombie cat shit. That isn’t the lifestyle I want for myself.

It is important to take care of yourself, and be kind in the process. Sometimes, you have to take care of other people, because by showing love, you can receive love. What is truth?

What I know, this vacuum holds me tight, the isolation, and the way people ghost me; doesn’t make my life better. Seems, the human race has some lessons to be learned. I wish, that they would wake up to what life could be like for everyone. We are living in times, that could be really great, if it were being managed correctly.

Not much going on, snow day today. Waiting for a miracle.

Ctopher Thomas

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