The Difference. The Creative Artists And The Content Factories

Life has changed a great deal in twenty years. This world, doesn’t really feel like the same place it once was. Some people are not unhappy with the way this is. I want to talk about the difference I see about something that has been going on online.

They say, content is king. But what is truth? The way things have been going, a lot of people are unhappy with the way things are. So I had to stop and think for a while, what is the difference between Art, and Content?

You would think, there would be a clear difference. Some content is produced by artists, and while it is very good, it is possible that said content is only content. My feelings are it depends upon how it is used.

Sometimes, people take things far too seriously. People have dropped having common sense, and think all content is really serious. Pity, they shouldn’t take content that is fodder so seriously. They should have some sense of humor about it.

However, the artists themselves want to be taken seriously, they want to be respected, and adored. They want the honor of having done the work, even under awful conditions that have been painful.

Yet, there is a difference between fodder and Art. Seems people that get online, want to consume as fast as they can, and put no thought into it whatsoever. That is a product of content factories. They don’t give a damn what they eat, or put into their heads. And really, maybe they are so damn senseless that at this point, it doesn’t matter.

And while sometimes people take things far too seriously. It seems a person needs to be able to have some fun with it. They don’t listen to logic or reason, and this point trying to reach their hearts and mind is pointless. So we might as well have some fun with it.

Pity they wouldn’t listen. The price when fate comes to call. There is a difference between content, and Art. But the artists who create both should still be respected, and compensated. However, people today have lost the appreciation they once had for such things.

It seems this world has become someplace that needs this much art, because without art, who would want to live in such a place? Damn it, the human race is sick. They want to live like damn zombies in their four white walls of horror.

Respect to the artists who create. Pity the human race consumes like they do with giving proper appreciation or respect to the artists that spend the time to create this work. Really, we have to stop working for likes, the way things are; artists need to be able to have a life, and take vacations from hostile worlds that don’t respect or value their work. Damn it, we have to get off this planet, they don’t value us.

The content is good, for consumption, but people are not thinking about what they put into their brains anymore. Pity, they take it all far too seriously, and really we should be having some real fun with it, instead of being jerks. This world is going to be a paradise for assholes if they don’t start taking things less serious. People are not able to just have some fun these days. Seems to me, zombies don’t need art, they don’t respect it, they don’t appreciate it.

Maybe its time artists get to go somewhere they are respected a lot better. I want more than money; I want a new planet. Tired of this world that feels like its hosed. Wanted my life to be better.

They don’t listen, pity. Maybe life will change.

Written by Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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