5 Things To Be Excited About The Future Of The 21st Century

More Than Hype

The Future: Some Hope!!

What does the future hold for our lives? Seems, people today have fallen into some pit of despair, everyone is looking for a safe place to land these days.

There is some excitement that can be had about living in the 21st century. If you learn to think about it, there is much that could be made better. Here are some ideas people should work on.

Perhaps through new discoveries, new ways of thinking, and new ways of learning; we can make a difference in everyone’s lives. The best it seems, would be yet to come. Much remains to be learned, and discovered.

If we start working together, and building something right from the start, then we will have better results with our efforts! It is up to each of us to learn new ways of living, and existing.

Much can be made better, here are some ideas that will help inspire you to reach for new heights.


The transportation we have today could really use some work. Maybe, we will find something better than flying cars to keep us moving in life. What will come, no one knows.

We need discoveries in transportation that really change the world. Something with some zip to it. We need better ways to get places, and sometimes we just want to have something to do to relax. Transportation should be safe, fun, easy, and efficient.

Living With Better Quality

We could all be living better, eating better, and have more time to really live. How many people are living like zombie cat shit? We need to reach new levels of living right, in ways that are productive, helpful, useful, and with little waste. A lot could be said for doing things right from the start. This will require change on our part, so be gentile with the transitions. It is already happening, learn to adapt.


Maybe, our entertainment values will change. We could hope that they start feeding us something with value. Maybe something more intelligent, with a bit of love and compassion?

Sometimes, I look at the entertainment, and wonder who was writing this stuff? A movie should be solid, bullet proof, and no holes in the script. Maybe, movies should be longer?

Proper Balance

Maybe, in the future of the 21st century we will achieve better balance in our lives. With correct balance, we could live better, think better, and behave better. Everyone could have enough, and we wouldn’t need to be such assholes to each other.

People Might Start To Be Kind

Maybe, people will start to be kind again. Maybe people will be better to each other? We can hope that this cruelty people are living with will stop happening like it has been. Make the world a better place for everyone, start today.


Excellence is only made from having good habits. If you practice mediocrity on a regular basis, your chances for success are reduced. To really make a better future, you want to practice excellence as a habit, in all that you do, without fail.

Make life better for everyone.

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