Something I want. . .

Life has been kicking my dog. There is something I want, and it needs to be solved. There are some people from my life, that I want to hear from. People from this life, that knew me. I want to see if anyone will call me up, and talk with me.

I’m bored, and lonely. I wonder if anyone that knew me will ever call me up for a conversation? Who would I hear from, if anyone? Seems, I’ve been forgotten in whole. Not any friends really on facebook. No one writes, everyday my inbox is empty.

That instagram account looks like a ghost town. It is embarrassing because no one likes my photos, and I have to archive them because of it. Seems, there is not a friend in this world. Not one.

So prove my wrong, if you knew me from this life, call me up. Send me a text message. I would like to hear from you. I could use someone to talk with that will talk, “With” me. You may not have answers to my questions, but it would be nice to hear from you.

Not much going on in my life. Living like damn zombie cat shit. But tell me what you have been doing, and how you are living. I want to know about it. Maybe you have had a life, and lived well?

Maybe the times have not all been bad for you? Maybe there is some good that will come from it, in the broken mathematics of some estimated prize. Seems it’s all for naught. Somehow, life has to get a lot better. I wonder if anyone would like to hear from me? Seems, I’m alone in this world. Not a friend to my name.

Maybe, life will change. Things are moving. Times are changing. I wonder if I would hear from anyone that knew me? Anyone?

Likely this is a waste of effort. No one will call, and I will be left sitting by the phone for years on end, with no results. None of my other projects have had results. This one is no different.

Wish that they cared. No one does. Pity. Some living is in order. This world seems like a damn cage. I would like to make the world worth living in. For that to happen, the cage has to be torn down. Someone should have listened to me by now.

Is anyone here? Doesn’t seem like it. My life is barren. It is a cage. No choice to make, doesn’t seem to be any free will. Send me an email, I want to hear from you.


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