594 Days Past Due

We are looking at overdue books in the likes of five hundred and ninety-four days. Please return your library books before we begin to start billing you for monthly over staying your welcome.

Okay, however; in a note of seriousness. We are long overdue for some real changes for the better. They should have been able to arrive at an answer that works for everyone and that makes life better for all of us. If they aren’t able to figure it out, then they need to start talking with other people like me, so they can get a grasp on the facts.

I’ve waiting for more than a year for life to change, for there to be some shimmer of hope on the horizon that will let me know that things are going to be okay for everyone. What I have had to deal with in those five hundred and ninety-four days is more pain, pressure, and blood than I should have had to deal with.

No one is talking with me. No one is helping me. It seems that no one gives a shit? What is the truth about this situation and what is it that I’m failing to grasp? Is there something else going on in this world that I don’t understand? Maybe it’s that I understand better than most people and have answers to their problems.

However it continues to be that no one will listen to me. They will only have so long to make a choice. It was never supposed to be this bad, or this rough. The whole purpose is to make life better for everyone. It seems they aren’t interested in making life better for everyone, and that they don’t believe in Win / Win thinking.

That’s kinda too bad. Because if they did, no one would have to lose. We could all have something that is good and right and true. If they won’t play kind, then they are going to be mods to their access. Like user no longer available.

I’m bored. Tired of being alone everyday with no one to talk with me about the stuff that makes a difference. They all seem to think I’m not any good, and that I don’t matter. They should be careful who they try to discount. They may not like the results that it produces.

We should have gotten a new planet by now. Or been on vacation while the work gets done by AI Bots. I’m tired of no one talking with me. It’s not kind to ignore me like this. It’s enough to drive anyone out of their right mind. I have been alone without friends or people to talk “WITH” me in a long time. More than a year. That much isolation, isn’t healthy for anyone to have to endure. Seems no one wants me. No one gives a shit.

I think it’s pretty sad that today’s world is so messed up that they allow these problems to continue. A society that cares about itself doesn’t do these kinds of things. It hurts everyone in the long run. Stop doing this stupid stuff and lets start doing better.

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