Day 70 – Weather looks like: Rain

To quote someone, “Life’s not all sunshine and rainbows.” That seems true enough. Life’s rough and if a man wants to make it, he has to be tough. Seems the strength and endurance required sometimes is greater than a mortal could possess.

It helps when a person cultivates an attitude of patience. It helps in dealing with people, and problems, and difficult days. In today’s society people want the quick fix, the instant fix, and everything is more instant than interesting.

What about when you have to wait a long time for solutions to your problems? Are you going to lose your cool and come all undone in front of everyone and make people think you are really uncool?

I know my cool has been shot to hell on more than a few occasions. They said I would only have to dodge bullets down here. I think they were lying. It’s been a lot tougher than say, pulling the moon to shore with a Styrofoam cup and a string of cheese.

So when the going gets tough, come with us, and we will sail the seas of cheese. ?? ‘Oh that’s a bad joke from a song some twenty or thirty years ago. Still it’s funny. Still it seems we need a ship. Ships that never set sail seldom ever sink. If it’s a virtual ship, then the crew has been on board for years while the passengers thought the view changed.

Maybe we will sail to safe harbors where they can get off and have a look around? Or maybe they will go on a snark hunt and catch thing ‘a jig. That wacky Bandersnatch that waits by the rocks, or dare I say, “A Boojum” ‘oh my I think the banker feinted away.

You know it’s perfectly okay to hunt, “Snark” But it’s that damn Boojum that I want to make pay in fits of eight. Oh if we could catch that Boojum and thrash him good. I’m sure he would protest, but the harms he’s caused has been just too much for humanity to endure; and I’m sure he’s near the shore.

We wouldn’t let him off the hook. And that anchor would be used like concrete shoes, to settle the score at the bottom of the ocean. I Hear they can’t breath underwater. Damn that Boojum, and his cousin the Snark all the same. I hear the boojum is only the shadow of that famed Snark. What a dark shadow.

Maybe the Cheshire cat is all to blame. Let’s string him up too. If it wasn’t for Alice, none of us would have ever gone looking for Snark in boots and coats. Then we would have been home ashore long ago, some greater good could have come from all this, it’s just “Stuff”, but I’m in a “Huff” about the inequality of the catch, it wasn’t by chance, no some flunk programed junk.

Feed your head. However be aware, have some care. Not everything you read is good food, and some of it is poison in jest. When a fox with dirty socks, knocks; Take out the tide and wash their filthy socks.

Rocks and Roll are like dogs, they both know more than a chicken in the oven. But if you eat that, spit the chicken out and keep the dogs that like rocks. ‘O I’m just joking, but if you knew the fun, or the Glee, then would the jest have been so much pun?

The real measure of a joke is if one laughs twice as long as the joke was told. Most people stick to one liners, to get a laugh for a few. But this damn jokes been twenty years and we haven’t hit the punch line yet. Some joker to string us along, it could have been a swan.

Hopefully it’s not a jub jub or something wacky. But if they don’t hurry up and tell the joke, then we’re going to have no choice but have an endurance race. They say the women are tough, and the humen make the brutes, But they ain’t got these boots.

Too late, the jokes over. Take your bags and head to port. When you get home, then you will laugh the whole way to heaven. I hear the Snarks judge up there, and he wants your biblical advice on this problem with an empty page and the devils ink on your hands.


Notes: If you haven’t read the hunting of the snark, total non-sense by Lewis Carrol then by all mean avail yourself to an early education and take the time to learn the tale. These notes are curtsy of some other poet that only wants to write fan-fiction in the sober conformity of current social norms.

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