A Better Idea – Why Instagram Famous Feels Like A Hollow Victory

A Better Idea – It’s Not All Bad

Some things seems like such good ideas when they first appear. It is only after they have been around for a while, you let the juices start to sink in. I have a better idea; better than a red hot poker in the eye.

I’m bored with the status quo; seems there are people that want to make mindless zombies; maybe they have the perfect stock for it! This world has some real needs. Real need to wake up.

Sometimes, therefore we need to give ourselves a good talking to, and move along. And really if we don’t give ourselves a good talking to, the options look bleak.

Because this world is designed to trap fools. And you don’t want to be someone else’s free meal. In the wild, animals do everything they can to prevent themselves from being someone else’s lunch.

But, what about us? Are you sure you are not the prey? There are wolves out there that would just as well devour you. And if you don’t protect yourself, they will.

Being Instagram famous seems like such a good idea. The problem is; in my opinion, it would be a hollow victory. It might be a good way to get a good start to doing more. However, just being Instagram famous in itself as the final destination; would be a huge bummer.

Because, if that were the final destination, this world would be a dead end. Does the road go through here? Hence, the need for a bit of caution. Seems going to far down a dead end, doesn’t end well.

Some Dream

We need a better idea, that matches the dream. The dream and the idea have to go together. These two ideas, while they are okay; they don’t feel like they would satisfy the real need one has.

We need a better idea. Something that will satisfy the real needs we have. It is not okay to pretend that this idea of a hollow victory would solve our problems. If anything, it would make it worse.

Because if you are not really living; then why bother? Something must be done to appease the bit Gods.

We Need Real Dreams

A better idea, would be to have dreams that are reasonable. Because a dream that doesn’t do anything, may not be worthwhile. Therefore, we want a dream that makes life better.

Not just any dream is going to do it. We need dreams that make life better for everyone. Anything that really does the job is worthwhile. The effort has to be something that can be measured. And when we can calculate the value in something we can touch and feel, then we have something with substance.

Really, we want something with substance. This hollow feeling is not going to satisfy our real needs. We need some satisfaction in life. We need a better world to live in. A better idea would be something that makes life worthy.

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While I want to be respected for my mind, there are some points to consider. It may take a great mind these days to be Instagram famous. That however, is not the final destination. I have a better idea. Check my Instagram feed out: @mydigitalchaos

Photo Credit: Photo by Fakurian Design on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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