Why Accepting Creative Freedom For Personal Expression Matters

Stop Being Too Critical

Today’s world can be ruthless. Especially for creatives. It seems our whole lives we are told we are not good enough; even when we demonstrate skill above and beyond what is normal. They brush aside our abilities and treat them as worthless. This article is about why they need to be accepting of creative freedom for personal expression.

Why Creative Freedom Matters

Seems this world is built to oppress creative freedom. People look at your work and say it’s not good enough, and often they kill the artist inside of people that could have been talented long before they ever develop into skilled craftsmen.

Seems they don’t want free thinkers, or people that do anything different. While it is good to have some academics in the world, they should learn to avoid oppressing people that don’t fit into their box.

Seems, many talented people have been cut short from developing into what they could have been, simply because people have told them they lack talent and skill. Pity!

They don’t really test for what creative skills someone has, they teach you and try to beat any sign of creative problem solving out of you by the time you reach middle school. Pity; they want mindless zombies.

Really creative people need to be respected as being exceptional, and for being able to do what few really have the patience, or skill to do. All too often, creatives are put into a very small box, and left to die of suffocation. It is ruthless cruel what they do to people who could have been some of the greatest minds in history.

They seem to think it is okay to be this way. Pity; they don’t want to make life better, they just care about themselves more than anyone else. Regardless of what is really best for everyone.

At The Very Least

Avoid stepping on someone else’s creative expression. Even if you are talented and really good, don’t take someone else’s work and tear it up telling them its not good enough.

When you look at other people’s creative work, you should at least think to yourself, “This is someone else’s expression.” and realize that is where they are right now. Because it takes no special talent to tear people down, but it takes everything to build someone up.

You can not put people in a box and think, that is all they will ever be. It is immoral to keep someone in a box that they can never grow and move out of. Or away from being in. Really only dead people belong in boxes. You want a world of living breathing people, right?

Better Than Nothing

People that are trying, are at least trying. Some people never start, and never will. Seems, they lack the very fiber to do what comes naturally to others. Really, people have to learn to accept creative freedom for personal expression in those who are creative.

Without being accepting of others creative freedom, you could never have a real paradise. Not ever. Not unless everyone was a mindless slave and doing zombie cat shit.

Accepting Creative Freedom For Personal Expression

Stop being spoiled control freaks and lighten up a bit. People need the ability to express themselves, and at the very least not feel threatened for doing such. Seems all too often, people want to beat any sign of creative expression out of those who deserve to be heard.

You want to go back to living in mud huts? Maybe modern civilization is far too much for you, and maybe you should have never left the oceans.

You don’t have to like everything everyone does, because that wouldn’t be healthy; at the same time, show some appreciation to those who are trying.

Life is meant to be lived, not everyone will see it like you do. And really too much conformity will leave the human race lacking. Remember that some differences are essential, because without that, everyone would be the same person.

We need to accept creative freedom for personal expression as the same we do other trades, and endeavors.


Be kind, always. It helps if you can be understanding of others who are different from you. You want to be at least supportive of others efforts. While it is understandable you won’t like everything everyone does, try to see some good in it. Maybe that persons effort will inspire someone else to do something you couldn’t live without!

You never know where things will go, and without someone to challenge the status quo life would be awful boring.

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Photo Credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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