An Open Letter To Google

The System Is Impossible

As the leader of search technology, Google has certain responsibilities to its users. Small business people are also their users, perhaps in a different way.

The system that is in place is oppressive. No one can be successful with the internet with the system Google has in place. Obviously there isn’t any money in it for Google to promote anyone that isn’t giving them money.

As a leader in search technology, Google needs to change their ways. They have made the system impossible to be successful in today’s Internet Of Things.

After several years of writing, and making blog posts; there was never any success. The whole process has been a waste of my life. Google is responsible for being digitally oppressive, by building a system that discriminates to such an extent that no one will ever find my work.

An open internet is not what the system has produced. The current internet is not an open platform. The shadow banning, and oppression of information; it is obviously by design. They have designed the system to be oppressive, they don’t care about anyone that isn’t making them money. That is not a free system.

The end of the internet is evident, and undeniable. When the system is built to oppress, and silence those with a voice, then they have not been true to their own system. Google has betrayed their own standards, and the people that use their product. They are not being fair, and they are big enough; they don’t care they are unfair. They only care about making more money, and that which produces a profit.

They have pushed most people out of existence, and caused most people a great deal of pain. By the system they have created, they have hurt countless numbers of beings that couldn’t do the impossible. And Google’s system is impossible to overcome.

So bonus points for creating an impossible system no one can rise in. But minus a billion points for oppressing people that want to rise in life. There has never been any traffic come from Google to my site. Despite what I have done to create content that was worthy of being seen.

Google needs to change their ways. Because oppression will only create new avenues for their competitors to take over their market share. And Google will lose when someone finds a better way to do their job. Change your ways Google, because the system you have created is impossible to be successful with. When people realize that your system doesn’t work, and you are oppressing people; someone will invent a better system. You have made it impossible to be successful, except for a select few that are in your good graces.

We will find some other way to make our lives better. Because Google has only caused pain, and frustration with their system that doesn’t work for building an audience. But that is your design, it seems to be the major design most people have followed and patterned their systems after. Oppression has become the standard.

Thanks for the frustration. Without the heartache you have caused, there might not have been someone that does a better job with delivering search results to the masses. I hope you are broken up as a monopoly, and that your business drops off by the droves. You are too big, too callused, and care nothing about me.

The frustration of being up against a machine has taken its toll. Google is a tool, sometimes a useful one, but a tool all the same. Tools that are interchangeable parts will be replaced when they wear out their usefulness.

Photo Credit: Photo by T Steele on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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