Memento Mori

Squash. The bug’s life was very short. He should have had a life insurance policy. His relatives will be short, did he really live well? What is living like a bug going to do for anyone?

Not much going on. There should be some urgency to life; because life is short, and most people are content wasting their time. If you want to do something with your life, DON’T WAIT. Do what you can, while you can. Make good use of your time, and make great use of your life. If you are not spending your time with someone else, then at least be productive and do something good with your time.

I’ve been working on a project, and have not had success with my calculations as of yet. Maybe in a few weeks, I will be further along than I am now. My goal is to make some serious progress with my project in the next three weeks.

Life is short. Time flies. Before you know it, you will be an old man; waiting for someone to change your diaper. Then time will feel like it is going very slow, and you will wonder why you wasted so much of your life doing things that didn’t make life really better for anyone.

My hope is to find some purpose that makes life worth living. It needs to be a project that makes people have some hope, and a future. It needs to be of value, and really make life better.

I’ve done a lot; yet, it doesn’t seem like nearly enough. I’ve grown, and it seems like light years from where I once was. Maybe not as good as I once was, but progress has been made from where I was.

Where I want to be, and where I am; while being in the present, I find that I have to take some comfort of existence. However, my happiness comes from doing something with my time that others will somehow benefit from. Seems, my writing is of very little value to most people. There is reason to believe, no one really makes a living with their writing. I’ve never seen a dime from it.

There is need to evaluate my projects. From a purely selfless position, I wonder if they have any value? There is some benefits from having completed such projects; however, I’ve not seen that there is any interest in them. The world is a messed up place, and sometimes; there is reason to believe that I want nothing to do with this old world.

Not sure how to exist in this world, where no one wants me, and I don’t really want anyone either. There needs to be some love in my life, without love; life isn’t really worthy of living. Isolation is not any real fun, and it hurts a lot of the time. However, as Henry Rollins says, “Solitary confinement, solitary refinement.” I’ve thought a lot about the way my life has worked out.

Sometimes, there is no real solution. One can hope to numb the pain, however the broken feeling will not heal without being satisfied. Yet, they don’t want to make the conditions better, they only want to make people hurt. Seems the world is built upon pain of discomfort. And, after thinking about it; our world could be a lot better if it was built from the angle of thinking we have plenty.

Really, everyone could have enough. And just the idea of that hasn’t been enough to change the ways of this world. I sincerely hope they will change their ways. Life could be better, if they would start thinking. These old ways have been worn out; and should be discarded with the trash.

Seems, if you take life too seriously; then it loses its charm. We shouldn’t be afraid of having some fun once in a while. This vacuum I’ve existed in, it has been rough. Life doesn’t have much real value; of what I can see, they don’t believe my value is more than worthless. I would like to change that.

What can a person do? Do what you can. Even when it seems impossible. There are tough lessons in life, you have to deal with them, because they don’t go away on their own.


Live your life to the best you can. Do what you can, while you can do such. Don’t put off important living. A poor person may make the best of life, and live better than those who are oblivious to the real life we could have. Be kind in life, because life has to get better for everyone, like right quick! Be a brave puppy. Bite the cat.

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Photo Credit: Photo by Milad B. Fakurian on Unsplash

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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