Author: Neo

  • Truth: Read Me

    Truth: Read Me

    The author describes enduring a difficult life filled with perceived traps and betrayals, leading to a sense of isolation and despair. He questions the nature of the world and his experiences, hinting at past lives and hidden truths, ultimately seeking better outcomes and freedom from the cycles of suffering.

  • Under Rug Swept – Problems They Have
  • What I Want

    What I Want

    Life’s serious nature, with long-lasting consequences for actions, stifles joy. The author argues for minimized, less permanent repercussions to allow for a happier, less burdened existence.

  • The Technology Is Amazing. . .

    The Technology Is Amazing. . .

    In a reflective discourse, the writer expresses feeling misunderstood and yearns for comprehension and impact. They highlight the complexity of their thoughts and desire for technological advancement, wishing for significant changes in society and personal fulfillment.

  • My Books

    My Books

    You want to read them? The Bad News The bad news is that my books on are password protected. And this has been done for good reason. Want to keep track, of who can access them. Hence, the page with the downloads for my books has been password protected. The Good News If you…

  • How To Solve Problems

    How To Solve Problems

    Effective problem-solving hinges on aligning your attitude with correct priorities, which creates space for reflection and leads to a better life.

  • A Thought. . .
  • The Way The Rocks Fall

    The Way The Rocks Fall

    This is the way the rocks fall. They won’t like it. Not my problem. Such is life. They don’t listen, read, or think. Nothing that I can do about that. And at this point, they are going to have to deal with that themselves. They didn’t want to take the time, to understand it. Needed…

  • Starting New. . .

    Starting New. . .

    There Are Days That Go The way things are, want some love in my life. Doesn’t seem there is an audience with people. Going to sit on this, a long time.