Hmm… Seems this website is getting a bit of attention. That is good. It however isn’t my main site. You should check out my digital chaos dot blog and dot net. There is a lot there. Its good for you.

Not much going on. Been alone a long time, like a damn long time. No one cared, not really. They don’t spend time with me. Maybe it is good, it lets me get my work done. But is it good work? I think so.

This site is the light mode of the other sites. I’m thinking about enabling a switch on the other site to allow dark mode or light mode. It might be something good to do. I will think about it.

My other site, it is designed for dark mode. It is best when used on a Mac with a 4k display in dark mode. That is what its designed for. I don’t know how people survive on displays with less than 4k.

Here is today’s photo. I want to do more photo shoots. I need people to pose for me. Not looking for work, just people to work with.

I had a very inexpensive chess board. Seems I must have thrown it away, because I’m not able to find it anywhere. Need a chess board now. Not that I’m playing chess. Nor do I have anyone to play with. Wish it were better. Go Board for illustration purposes only!!

Go check out my other website. My Digital Chaos for free thinkers.


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