Classical Corner: Music To Sleep With

Today’s post is about how to get a better nights sleep. One of the things I have been doing for about ten years now, is listening to classical music when I am sleeping at night.

This is very exciting. Going to sleep with classical music is a real thrill. Sometimes, the music is so exciting, it takes some practice to get to sleep; however, once you get used to it, there is nothing like it.

So Who Do You Listen To?

I have set classical playlist that I use when I’m going to sleep, and the playlist is set to loop so it will play all night long. Some of the artists on my playlist are:

Henrik Schwarz: Instruments

This album is so awesome. I have never heard music that sounds like this album. One of my all time favorites. This is the first album in my sleep playlist, it is about thirty minutes long; and I’m usually asleep by the end of this first album. This album is magic, pure and simple. It is a real thrill to listen to. One of my all time favorite classical albums to listen to.

You should check this album out, give a listen, and play it when you want to go to sleep. It is one of the best, and it has a great sound to it.

Héléne Grimaud – Bach: Piano Pieces

This album is great, it really is. I have been listening to this album for about ten years now. This always puts me in the mood, and its really exciting to go to sleep with this music playing. It makes sure, I’m about to have some great dreams at night.

This album is great for classical music. I can highly recommend this album to anyone that wants to hear great classical music, and my play counts are in the 1,000’s. This album of piano pieces is my top pick for classical piano.

Hilary Hahn – Bach: Violin Concertos

Hilary Hahn is brilliant. This album is really great. Been listening to this album in my playlist for about five years now, and it really has great sound to it. One of my favorite violin albums in the classical music world.

This album is really exciting to listen to. Makes for great dreams while sleeping at night. This is the third album in my playlist for sleep at night. I’m almost always asleep by the time this album starts to play, which means I’m dreaming about this time.

Hilary Hahn & Natalie Zhu – Mozart: Violin Sonatas K 301, 304, 376, 526

This album has been in my sleep playlist for years. It is one of my favorite piano and violin albums to listen to, even when I’m awake. This classical album is a masterpiece. The duo together of this album is great to listen to, and makes great sleep music when you want to get some shut eye.

This album is very good to listen to; even better to try sleeping while it is playing. One of my favorites.

Wrap Up

Try using an Apple Home Pod to play your music in your bedroom, and set the playlist at night to get a good nights sleep. These classical albums will be sure to delight your ears, and makes for interesting dreams while you are sleeping. These albums have been playing for years, and have brought me countless hours of enjoyment while awake.

Apple Home Pod


Listening to music while sleeping is a great way to keep your mind in performance mode. Listening to classical music is great way to expand your mind, and enlighten your whole life.

Using an Apple Home Pod, and setting a playlist with these classical artists to sleep to, it will make your life a lot better, it did mine.

Sleep set to music, makes great dreams. Keep Dreaming!!

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

Photo Credit: Photo by Darius Soodmand on Unsplash

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