Not Much Going On

Life is, Things are!

Life has been busy, doing lots of programming. Maybe its going pretty good. If I can keep the work strait. Its been a day, not much going on. Life seems to be made up of same crap, different day.

Here is a photo from today, it came out okay, I guess.

Self Portrait, Yours Truly

Not much going on. Been busy; but has progress been made? Maybe, a little bit; if you think about the number of lines of code, maybe its been productive.

Need a real life. This one feels stale. Sometimes you need a new dream, this dream really feels stale. Been working my butt off for years, and haven’t seen success from my efforts.

Everyone needs some success sometimes. Wish that I could get what I need most. Wanted my life to change, and be better. Its not too much to ask for, yet; it seems impossible to get results.

I’m bored. Not much going on. Life is. Things are. Deal with it!

In other news, only had one cup of coffee today, my butt is dragging and lagging like crazy tonight. Tomorrow, coffee!!

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