Day One Thousand Fifty One

You are a model citizen. One of the best. You liked to snore to classical music, and lolled your tongue like you didn’t have a care in the world. But we know you were really worried about the future, and how it would all turn out for our small ship.

Your life is more than a plate of food and warm bed. There is the wind to chase, and grass to sniff. You like having your photograph taken, even in those last days here, you sat so still like a Victorian Model from England, all prim and proper.

Though you worked well with misfit hardware, your skills are impeccable. There are your tried and true friends, loyal companions, those that were brave to the bitter end. They no doubt cleared a path for you to travel the way home.

I know you are a good friend to me, kept me together in some tough times. They wasn’t all easy, but you made the best of them even though some thought you were just a dog. Ha, they didn’t know.

Not that I know your sweet dreams or what you thought of us. But I hope you were happy and content, that you got enough whipped cream, and treats. Hopefully you have some good companions now, those you like and care for. Maybe it was just training for some other life, where life is a bit better, and the software works with the hardware.

Some thought, some might not have given a second thought. But I know you went to better places, because the dragonfly you sent was a Godsend. Thank you for that, for it made some level of comfort in that day after you left. I still have the photo, and think of how you are such an artist to have made my days better like that.

It’s been some rough days since you left. You should come to visit, and train your replacements, they are sweet; but spoiled brats. I miss your company on the sofa, or the times you spent wrapped in my arm, snoring like a log.

Just remember, that dog rhymes with frog. I might not have taught you that when I should have, but it didn’t occur to me until much later. But always go up from Dog, and never be a rat, or cat.

Now good doggies know the way home, go find your best. If I get some rest, maybe we’ll have a good laugh in some other galaxy where the dogs rule the night. Sweet dreams, and goodnight.

Notes: This is in memory of our Doggie Roxy. She was a model citizen and missed quite a bit. No two dogs could replace her, but they have tried. Yet, my wish is that you would have trained your replacements. Well someone has to stand in the gap.

If you see the big toughie, tell him I said, “Hi”.

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