Deeper Connections

There is need to be more whole. There is need to heal. We need some good medicine. The way things have been, there seems to be no end to the misery, but to really be healthy is really important.

Seems they don’t teach the kind of connections one needs. They teach you what to think, much better than how to think. And the cost is high. Seems people don’t understand the landscape, nor the rocks upon the shore.

Some thoughts I have about my life. I was involved in things that seemed like they would matter. However, it seems it was always from the perspective of being a bump on a log, and not more than that.

The problem comes from not being involved. People don’t really communicate these days. And most people, don’t know my mind. Wanted life to have meaning, and value. Being more than a number in a bucket, or another damn lost soul. And they don’t want people that amount to more than that, do they? There is need to be a real person in this world.

Many in life, have mistaken me for a fake. And some people never really took the time to get to know the real me. They didn’t find out, and what they saw, is not all there is. But it was what I had been willing to reveal about myself. They didn’t take the time to really look for more, and they gave up while there was still a deep well to explore.

Pity that life is like it is. Life needs to change for everyone. The way things are, there is a real lack of care being given. People have forgotten the way things should have been. People have become careless, and with a real lack of purpose. True, deep purpose does not come from just existing, but really putting some thought into life.

They don’t really give or teach people the skills they need. They teach people to experience nature as nothing more than a whim, with no real connection with the deeper life behind it. People don’t really have the thought, to make better connections with the life we could have.

Seems, I should have made a connection with nature a long time ago. More than just a passing by person walking upon the ground; but a real connections with the earth and living life.

I always walked the path, but never really knew more than their beauty. Didn’t take the time to understand them, or listen to their story. They all have stories to tell. If you listen.

If you knew them. But do you have a connection with more than your phone? It seems life has to change, and right quick. We need to understand the meaning of real purpose.

Seems I need to learn from this world, all that can be understood. It means, spending some time in life, looking, and exploring the world around me. Need to have some real connections in my life. Tired of the shallow, boring connections that aren’t working. There needs to be real understanding of myself. How can we make it better?

I think, most people are unhappy. How can we make it better?

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