Rough Draft: Cosmology

Some basic ideas for you to think about. I won’t as of yet put it all together for you. I will start some basic dialog of something to think about for a while.

I’ve thought about life, a long time. There is the saying, Any idiot can make things bigger and bigger, but it takes a real genius to be able to make something small.

Thinking about life, the universe, and everything. Really life is best left a mystery. It may be more fun, and has the benefit of being kind in deed and action. Most people, don’t need to understand it. Really, if you can go about your life, and live in a modest, safe way; and do no harm, you will be happy.

There is no need to be jerks. We don’t need it. However, here are some ideas that have inspired me to grow. Life is sometimes about change, and change is difficult for a lot of people. We need to have ways to grow, that are not too painful.

Hence, this thought has taken place. Please verse yourself with this article on Cosmology from Wikipedia. Then give the whole thing, some careful thought. I’m looking for someone, those that understand something that is not obvious.

Of note, one should consider the existence of a multi-verse, and the idea of the existence of parallel universes. I’ve given this some level of thought.

Notes: The technology we have today is good. However, there is need for a little better technology to be able to explain what needs to be built. Only through the use of the future technology can we ever begin to explain what we want. Because trying to say it, or explain it without working examples, would be impossible to do.

Written By Ctopher

Photo Credit: Photo by Brett Ritchie on Unsplash

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