Everybody Hurts

What is the harm in ghosting people?

Sometimes people do not give a shit. They do not care who they hurt, or how much harm it does. The problem is when large groups of people set out to harm someone, they usually are successful.

Ghosting people is harmful. You may think it harmless, you however have never been on the other end of that kind of abuse in scale. It is painful, and no one seems to care.

No one reads, so what use is it? Not worth a damn. I’ve given up on the human race in whole. No one cares. I was not good enough for them, and in turn; they have lost my respect. I used to think the human race was really something. Really did.

[seriously edited.]


Needed my life to be better. What they have done, it’s immoral. Pity, they could not care. Wish that I could have talked some sense into them, or made them listen, or think. I have quit the human race in whole. damn it. They made me feel like worthless trash that should never have been born. May God judge them for what they have done. They didn’t have to do that to me. They shouldn’t have done that to me; yet, they did it anyways.

Tired of the world like it is. tired of the human race like they are. Want better. Feeling like, damn it. They could not be kind. Feeling like, damn it. This life. They are ruthless cruel. Didn’t matter I was alone and hurting. No one cared about that. That didn’t matter to them. Everyone hurts. Some people are going to learn valuable lessons. Some of the lessons might be expensive.

Wanted my life to be better. The harm has been done. There is no repairing it. After what they have done, it’s a crime. Pity, they could not listen. Nor care.

Tired of the world like it is. This world has to end.

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