How You Can Prove The Matrix Is Just A Movie Absolving Yourself

In the day; The Matrix was a real head banger. It was a really smart movie about a problem, that most people could get a sense of excitement about.

Now days, it is mostly a forgotten film; something people still have in their library but have seen a thousand times too many. It was a great movie. However, it was just a movie.

In the movie, the characters still had freewill, and could have some sense of understanding. They could grasp basic concepts, and understand the situation.

The problem with today’s world is so much more serious than that. People today in this very world, have lost the ability to understand basic things that are serious, and needed attention.

The way this world is working out; you could walk down the street bleeding to death, no one would care. They could not give a damn. I’ve found, no one in this world will give a shit about me. The way of the world? No, this society is sick. The problems have spiraled out of control, and people are hurting.

Really, I do not understand how things can continue like they are. You would think people would have realized that living like this, is hurting them? They don’t care.

What you can learn from it

The Truth: This world is a prison. Think about the freedom you have. Are you really living? Or, are you living like damn zombie cat shit? Seems to me, most people in this world are not really living. Most people are not doing things that are really living. They live like damn zombies.

They are not really alive. That is because, they are living clay. Inside, they are [edited]. Nothing real about them. They are so fake, they wouldn’t ever be able to think a real thought of their own accord.

Pity, I wanted a lot better. They should have listened. Far too late for that now. The world is screwed. They wouldn’t be kind, damn it.

Life could have been a lot better. They didn’t want life better. Tired of the oppression, the abuse, and the torture. The way things are. feeling like, damn it. This life has sucked. Wish it were better.

Absolve Yourself From The Nonsense

You have to find what has real value. The human race has some real serious problems. They couldn’t think, if they wanted to. Because, their minds have all been programmed for them. They are mindless idiots, not smarter than a rock. Wish it were better. Pity!

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