French Absolution

Got to put some beauty back into life. Somehow, the ugly parts of life, have seeped into the framework of how people are living. Isn’t the above photo really beautiful? Wish we had some photos like that.

A Sense of Humor

It helps in life, if you have a sense of humor about life. Even in this shit, one should find a way to keep their sense of humor. After all, take yourself too seriously, and you might not be very happy. Make the best of life, enjoy living. Even when stuff seems like it sucks, it helps to have a sense of humor about yourself. It might be the only way to get through it. And we will get through whether we want to or not, might as well enjoy it a little.

Sometimes, life gets all too heavy. No one is going to carry all that, and you might as well let go of some of the heavy stuff. If there is nothing you can do about it, why carry it? Only carry the stuff you can do something about. You know?


The world, seems to be changing. They say, “Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” I’ve thought about it, we are going to have to be smarter than that. “Change is the ability to adapt to intelligence.” If you think about machines that want to rule, its the only way to beat it. Sometimes, you have to be dumb, to be smart.

“We’re you always this stupid, or did you take lessons?”

I took lessons

Lots of things in the world are starting to happen. And, maybe some of them will be for the better. You would think more would be possible for people these days. Some have hope, in alien technology. I’ve thought about it, I want some technology that was developed thousands of years ago, and we just don’t have it yet. Much is possible, if you think about the fact, we are living in the stone ages of the twenty-first century.

Maybe, people will be able to afford to live again. Well, that may be far fetched. Still, we can hope. There is this issue, I want new wet wear. Seems, I need a new suit. This old world, everything fills up. We should just hope, that we don’t run out of hard disk space. The jam that would leave the world in, some junked up computer in the matrix, without the ability to reboot. That would be a shit loop to be stuck into.

Wrote my first C++ program. Not much, but it does something neat. So it’s all good. Need to work on my skills, and get a lot better. Sometimes, you just want things to work. Now, if I could get music to write, I would feel a lot better. I love making music.

The French

Nothing wrong with the French. Nice good people. We would do well to learn a few things about culture from the french. They may have some of the problems really worked out. Maybe, life will change a bit. Needed a girlfriend, and the way people have treated me in this country, seems like they don’t give a shit. Maybe, it is a bit too late to solve the equation? Maybe so.

We could all learn something from someone. Maybe, the way things are, people would wake up; and start thinking. This pot on the fire, is about to boil dry, and burn a hole in the kettle. Then, you’re going to have to call a specialist to repair the kettle. Let’s hope, they don’t try to repurpose the kettle into making more bullets. The world seems to be just two feet short of kindness. Maybe people should grow an extra leg to stand upon? The last thing we need is for the cane to be a fashion statement. A cape maybe, but not a cane.


Set your mind free from these ugly ideas. See the beauty in life, and have a sense of humor about life. Life is meant to be lived, and if you don’t know how to lighten up, pour yourself a nice drink. At least then, you might enjoy the serious stuff in an absurd way. And, life is absurd. They don’t know how to be people anymore. They all seem like, robots to me. Mechanical minds, mechanical hearts. Not much better than the machines that want to rule this world. Really you have to absolve yourself from the crap, free your mind from the problems, and look for solutions.

There is some comfort to be had, if you can estimate your prize in broken mathematics, and some door that doesn’t open. You get the Sunday paper, and maybe a cup of coffee. It’s only a prize if they still make the cartoons anymore? Anyone know? Seems they don’t make papers on Sunday anymore. No one reads.

So that leaves you a cup of coffee, and the sky to look at. Well. There is some comfort to be had in this world still. If you don’t expect too much, then you might get through it.

The happiest are: Those who need the least, and still have their needs met.

The happiest

Keep your heart on guard, for it is treacherous, who can know the heart, or the logic of passion? Be careful not to spew poison, even in jest. William Blake said, “The truth told with bad intent beats all the lies you could invent.” Be kind in life, people need some humor in their lives. Work to develop a sense of humor, and tend to your persona.

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