What We Need…

Reality Check!

You need to check in with reality. We understand times are tough, and everyone is having a tough time right now. What we need, what we really need is some relief, some real comfort, and something that doesn’t hurt like a son of a bitch.

Seems, everyone is hurting these days. And we understand why. When people have real freedom, they feel happy, and at peace. Only when people feel their freedom is a stake; that is when they feel angry, frustrated, and agitated.

Really, to be at peace with it, you are going to have to absolve yourself from some of the nonsense. The way things are, people are happy to stoke your fear, rage, and hate. And, the only thing you can control is how you respond to this attack. Free your mind from the problems. Let go of the rage, hate, and anger. To do that, you have to understand that things are changing, and some of it is messy.

We need a good leader to guide us through these changes, someone that calms our fears, and makes us feel safer to be living. When people have their freedom at stake, they feel threatened. And that causes all sorts of bad feelings from everyone.

If not kept in check, this is going to have bad results. Really you have to free your mind from these vicious insults, and take care of your peace of mind. It is the only way to be at peace with yourself. And, they will try to rob you of your peace.

You have to work, every day to keep your sense of self, your self respect, and your dignity intact. And you can not feed your mind rubbish that destroys your peace of mind. This includes what you tell yourself about the current situations we are all facing.

Things in this world are changing.

The only way to survive this mess, is by being able to adapt to the changes. We need leaders that make us feel safe about these changes, and makes us feel like our freedom will remain intact, that we will have our free will, and our dignity intact.

If you don’t have good leaders that make you feel safe about these changes, then be one yourself. Really you have to take control of your own responses and have the power in yourself to be at peace with the changes that are taking place.

This might mean, understanding why things are changing. When people only do things for money, it has a different feel to it, then when people do things for love. People have become too puffed up with pride, and have taken the easiest paths to the top. We are going to have to do some things that require doing our work, our due diligence, and have patience while the world adapts to the changes.


You have to respect people for the choices they make along the way. Some of this stuff, is really quite messy; and people feel hurt along the way. It could be done cleaner, with less mess, and people would follow along at a great pace. If only we had leaders that were leading in the understanding of these changes. People when they have their freedoms taken from them, feel threatened. It is difficult to keep your peace of mind, when you feel threatened, and hurt.

When people have their freedom, they feel safe, secure, and at peace. And people are out there, that want to stoke your rage, hate, and anger. Nothing unites people, like a common hatred. So who are you uniting with in your common hatred they are stoking? See the problem? You have to be smarter than that. Keep yourself free from being trapped by anger, and hate. Really love is the only solution.

Walk Like

Be a Jedi, and walk like a buddha. You have to be able to have self control, and self respect. To keep these intact, you are going to have to do some things that seem super human. You are going to have to be a better person. This requires change, and patience. The time to start working on these things, was twenty years ago. Still, if you start now, you might be able to do okay. Don’t wait for anyone to show you the way. Start today.

Having patience is important. You have to be at peace, and understand the situation that is really taking place. A lot of people, are being gas lit, to incite rage, anger, and hate. Why? Because nothing unites people like a common hate. So be careful what you hate, and guard your peace of mind. Don’t feed yourself junk.

Think about the beauty, and grace you can have under these situations. It takes some real effort, but you can do it. We believe you have what it takes to do better, to live better, and have peace.

To Have Peace

To have peace, people have to feel like, this world is not a prison. They have to have their freedom of speech, freedom to control their bodies, and freedom from oppression.

Pity, the world is a prison. And there is so much oppression. We all need some comfort, and something to relax. Be careful, what hate you allow into your life, because it’s only possible to contain so much rage, and hate. Make life beautiful, do yourself a favor, try to make the best of it, and be happy about it.

What we advise, is that you do not be unhappy before the crisis comes. Life is changing, and you will have to adapt to the changes, and like them. It is the only way to survive.

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