Full Circle – Alive!

The last two months have gone by so incredibly fast. I have been working on a project, that I have reason to believe is almost done. I’m kind of trying to pick myself up after having finished it; and busy looking for my next project!

The coffee has been pretty good, and all things considered; life is pretty good, I guess. Yet, there are a lot of points that I wish would get a lot better for me. It has been years of the same problems; with no end in sight.

You should check my project out, it’s done enough to allow people to look at it, and test it out. Remember: It’s still in BETA. The project is an online journal app. Its got some great features, and you can check it out using this link: Vivo-Vim.

Be glad to start some new project. Not sure what is on my to-do list these days. Most of my projects are finished, or out of development. I’ve learned an awful lot in a very short period of time. It has been very good for me! I should feel really good about it. Now, if people would just use what I’m making.

Seems everyone has different priorities these days. Seems politics plays a major role in their lives, that somehow; it must be very special to them, because that is all they care about. I’m not sure if my being is really of interest to them, because I see things a bit different.

I’ve logged 54 days on My Day, you can check out how boujee my days have become by visiting the link. Haven’t been doing much photography, maybe I will start doing some more really soon!

I’m looking for new projects that will be a thrill to work on, if you have any ideas, write me a message. You can use the link for contact at the top of this page.

You should check out my YouTube Channel: My Digital Chaos.

Maybe I will write something new, or exciting soon.

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Ismail Merad on Unsplash

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