Tired. . .

Not much going on, life is; things are. Trying to deal with it. Got a real headache this evening. Trying to nurse it back to being better. Something has to change, and right quick.

Seems, people don’t give a damn about my projects. They don’t matter to them personally; they couldn’t care. I think, the human race is wasting my time. I’m tired of trying to get through to brain-dead humans that are too dumb to think to start with.

Pity! Life could have been really good. It should have been really good. It didn’t have to total crap for twenty years. I’m bored with the status quo of this world. The life, they all seem to be so fond of, its not living. It is more of a living death. Look at them, study them.

If you look closely at the way most of them are living, its not really living. Most people just exist. They are content, and happy with just existing. I’m pretty sure, they don’t know better.

The AI bots, they seem to have trouble thinking. If you asked them to think something they have never been told, they would have a real hard time ever coming up with something they don’t already know.

Really, you could define intelligence by one’s ability to think something they don’t already know that was told to them through any methods. Try thinking something you have no knowledge about, and no experience with. It would have to be something that isn’t obvious.

The world is a mess. So many problems in today’s world. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, the world has some serious problems. Not sure, they could fix what is wrong; but they would have to understand where the problems are. I think, they lack the intelligence to do something about it.

A walk in strange woods

What is art? Who makes art these days? Seems a lot of people are making content, but does that mean it really is art? So many today are told to be good consumers, and devour everything they are fed as quickly as possible and never be satisfied.

So what would quench their thirst? It would have to be something with value, that isn’t treated like worthless trash. There has been a steady de-valuation of peoples lives, and work. It is getting to the point, this world is going to be worthless in no time. We really must do something to put value and meaning back into our lives.

I’m tired of the problems in this world. Most people don’t want solutions. Most, are content to just exist, with any conditions they are given. Seems, we have to get back to really living. Before its too late, someone is going to have to start to care. Really!!!!

So many today are unhappy, seems no one cares anymore. Everyone is watching out for number one. That thinking has led to a lot of people being de-valued. Because people sometimes fail, or don’t meet the standards.

What standards should we have? Seems people today set the standards to such a level, that you would be hard pressed to be able to just exist as a warm sack of shit. Life has to be more than that. Life is meant to be lived. Too many snowflakes and not enough people with some real guts!!

Life has to change, before its too late. Be the change. Get tough.


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