How to be successful with your journals and learn to think

The Fine Art Of Learning To Think

Do you want to know a good survival technique? Do you want to learn how to think in ways that help you rise above the herd? What you want to do is learn how to journal.

There are few main points:

  1. Consistency is vital
  2. Expressing core thoughts
  3. Expanding core thoughts
  4. Learning new thoughts

Consistency Matters

For your journals to have any real effect, you must be consistent with using them. This means, there are no skipping days or blowing your journals off for doing something else.

Its best if you can write every morning when you first wake up. To find your way through the last nights sleep, and make your path for the new day. This has valuable effects on your psyche and will give you something that grounds you to your life. It is important to have something that gives you a sense of being connected to yourself.

Really the whole point of journaling is to connect your heart and mind with your awareness. By keeping a journal you can connect your mind to your own awareness, which will make you more mindful of your condition. Also by keeping a journal, you can connect your heart to your mind, which allows you to express how you feel about what matters to you.

Knowing what matters and what is rubbish will help you follow the important parts of your dreams, it will free you to live the life you value most. Until you understand what parts of life have the most value to you, you can never really follow your dreams.

By connecting your heart, to your mind, and both of these to your awareness, you can become a more powerful being with the ability to reason, think, and use logic like a pro.

When you learn how to express yourself clearly, though using consistent journaling techniques you will grow as a being. And if you really want to grow as a being, you will find a way to make your life worth living.

Expressing Core Thoughts

By having consistency in your journaling, with your heart, mind, and awareness all connected, you can begin to express your core thoughts on the life you are living.

Core thoughts are the things that matter to you, when all unimportant ideas have been wiped from the slate. Until you start to work on your core thoughts, you will never progress like you should. You have to do the work to get to the point, you are able to express your core thoughts, and understand them like a pro.

Once you have learned how to express your core thoughts, then it’s time to take action on those items and make your life what others could only dream of doing.

Expanding Core Thoughts

Through regular journaling, being consistent with expressing your core thoughts, and having your heart, mind, and awareness all connected, you can begin to expand your core thoughts to new levels. This is doing the work on yourself that will make your life better in the long run. By doing this work on yourself, you can reach a point that your expanded core thoughts become realized, and you can become proficient in expressing them.

When you expand your core thoughts, you are able to learn, grow, and make progress in your life. By learning to expand your own core thoughts, you will reach a point of self mastery and that will allow you to feel connected to your very soul.

Real growth happens when you expand your core thoughts and take them to new levels, and to higher ground. When you realize what doesn’t have value, you can focus on what does have value.

By expanding your core thoughts, you will grow. And if you want real growth, you have to do the work. It doesn’t come easy, or fast. It may take several years of working on your awareness to really learn how to expand your core thoughts. Once you learn how to; it all seems very simple from then on.

Learning New Thoughts

Once you have learned how to connect your heart, mind, and awareness to your ability to express yourself; a lot can happen that will make your life better. Through mastering the technique to do such, you can learn to have new thoughts that will change your point of view, and help you help others in great ways.

Learning new thoughts makes you valuable. It gives you the ability to solve problems and make complex tasks much easier. Once you master the ability to think, then you really have more potential to become what you dream.

Learning new thoughts will give your life meaning. You will find that the small, shallow, superficial existence so many today are stuck in; you will find it no longer serves your needs. It will help you live an enlightened life that has value, meaning, and purpose.

Really the more enlightened you feel, the more value you have. The more value you have, the better the meaning of your life. This will give you purpose beyond what is normal. Thus, you will have connected your mind, heart, and awareness to your consciousness. That would feel really good, wouldn’t it?

If you want to feel good, then you have to do the work. It doesn’t come cheap, only though effort, work, and patience will you ever learn to master yourself. Self mastery is the highest form of intelligence; and one that is very worthy of making happen for yourself.


Master your ability to connect, by connecting your heart, mind, and awareness, you can master your ability to think, reason, and use logic. This will in the long run, improve your chances at becoming a true leader and having self mastery.

By finding your core thoughts, and expanding on those core thoughts, you can learn to remove what doesn’t have the most value in your life, which will make you more powerful.

By learning new thoughts, you increase your value, learn to solve problems faster, and adds value to the world. So take up journaling in new ways, that helps you grow, learn, and master the destiny that awaits you.

Written by Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

Photo Credit: Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

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