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About ten years ago, maybe longer; I had this idea for a seed. A creative seed that would be the source of inspiration for creative people for a long time. It has been one thing that has kept me going in some tough times.

The basic idea is to create a seed that will fuel other creative people for at least five years. The seeds from their work will keep it going, and be fuel for other creatives. So the basis for my creative work is to be the seeds others use to fuel their work.

Someone said something interesting to me, they said, “Because of who I was born, I will never be an artist.” Gee that doesn’t sound too good to me. You have to make what you can of life, despite how you grew up or what your life has been like. I think, it really depends on if you want to be an artist, because if you really want it; nothing could ever stop you.

Being an artist is one of those things that you just don’t really have any other choice to do. When the fire burns in your soul, there is nothing else to do but answer it. What conditions you were born under, simple isn’t going to stop a motivated person.

So I have been motivated to build some kind of seed, that would fuel other creatives for a while with new ideas, ways of seeing life, and maybe something that few else have. Really, you would have to take in the whole body of work I have created. Which is going to be a small investment in your time, because I have written almost six million words in whole. Let that sink in.

This project matters to me, it might matter to you too. Take a look, then, look deeper. There is a lot of substance there, really you would have to work for several years, to really understand it all.

I wanted to inspire someone. By creating a seed of creativity, this could be possible. Maybe some few will benefit from my effort, maybe they will create something really great from my ideas.

It seems because of my status in life, no one will listen to me, pity; life could have been better. However, if you take my ideas, and work from them, maybe they are good enough that others will listen to your ideas based upon mine.

I know it’s a long shot, but it’s worth putting this out there, someone eventually will have to listen, because life is simply too screwed up for people to fail to listen and take action.

Maybe my ideas will make the tip of the knife for your creative flow to be created. Just don’t point the knife at me. You know? My life has been rough and tough; however, if you want to give me some credit for the ideas, that would be most welcome.

There are a number of places my work can be found, however its best you start with the basic stuff, then go digging deeper. The most basic place you should start is on my blog,; from there, you can explore the further regions at your leisure. If I leave my work up that long, thinking about it, you might want to get busy, because it is very likely that this stuff is going to go away very soon.

You have two months to feed.

If nothing else, make your own seeds for those in the future. Start with some concepts, make nice neat little packages of them, and have enough that they will inspire other people in the future. It’s something I wish that I had in my life. Make life nice for someone else who will be creative, by making a creative seed pod for future use. There is a lot you could do with the ideas, if you do it right.


If you use my creative seed, be sure to credit me with the source for the material. If you are making your own creative seed pods, be sure other people credit you for your ideas. Make good seed pods, and inspire others to do great work. If want to sell this idea, you have to pay me a cut of the profits.

So that is it, in a nutshell. I’m not in a nutshell, but that is the ideas in the most basic form. Hope they will bring some joy into your life, or that of others in this world.

Photo Credit: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Written by Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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