Human Mechanics

Human Mechanics, the study of what makes humans

The careful study of the human race can reveal some very interesting facts. I like to call this study, human mechanics. After forty-five years of learning about humans, some of the mystery has vanished. That isn’t to say it wasn’t interesting, because in all honesty; it’s been fascinating.

My findings will mostly be kept to myself. It does seem there is some shared and common things that humans seem to understand. There is a lot to like about humans, sometimes.

Because, humans seem to enjoy easy living and comforts. They may be related to hobbits in some form or another. There are really some similarities. They also may be more closely related to house cats than previously expected.

Therefore, television plays a major role in their development and lifestyle. They like to talk about what they watch, or want to watch. This is a major part of their lives and they devote much of their free time to watching TV.

They enjoy simple lives without any big ideas. They are not really star gazers, and they don’t really have any interest in being much more than they already have.

It seems they have easy lives for the most part. Most have it pretty good. A lot of people are unhappy, but it mostly has to do with the movement of small green pieces of paper. Seems they lack substance of being.

The Easy Way; ONLY!

When you don’t have all the facts, its easy to be lead about by the rings in their noses. They seem to have very basic grasp of understanding. They know what they are told on TV, and Facebook.

Seems someone has to do the heavy lifting for them. They will often do things that seem confusing and don’t make sense. It seems they are perfectly okay with this.

They seem to have some problems listening. They won’t listen to much of anyone else. In all honesty they won’t listen to me at all. Seems everything I say goes in one ear and out the other. They don’t read, they don’t like thinking. There is reason to believe they hate ideas.

They want the easy way for whatever they are doing. If it requires effort or much work they will shy away from doing it. Because they really only want the easy low hanging fruit. I’ve seen them make their lives more difficult because they refuse to do what is difficult.

Be Aware – Show someone you care!

Therefore, be aware; have a care. Try to avoid interacting with the humans. They have issues beyond what we can write about. Because they don’t want anyone to know the real truth. That would bum them out, and they don’t want no bummer here.

Ergo, be wise. Don’t keep friends that don’t know the truth. The world is a twisted place. It will have to run its course. As John Lennon said in his song “Isolation” humans are not to blame, they are just victims of the insane.

This concludes the introduction to human mechanics for the time being, there is a lot of information to cover and the data isn’t for everyone.

If you haven’t read this article yet, see my details on how to calibrate yourself for success. It may help you grow and learn.

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