Humans Suffer From Apathy

Seems the whole human race has a bad case of apathy. They show no concern, and maybe its because they have a lot of stress in their lives. Maybe they should learn a better way to deal with it? Something has to be done, people are starting to resemble zombies these days.

Wanted my life to get a lot better, thus far; it’s still sucking. Wish that I could change this stuff, and make it right. So much needs to be done, so much needs to change. Wanted life to be great.

Seems, no one is paying attention; as though, they don’t even care. What is it going to take for them to wake up, and start to get smart? Maybe we don’t want them to get wise; its easier to Tromp le Monde, and make it right later.

Not much going on, been alone a long time. No one cared.

Ctopher Thomas – 2020

Not much going on, been busy doing a lot, I mean a lot of programming. My site is coming alone very well, done a lot with it. Considering what I have to work with, its done well.

Still, I want better. Wish I could be living my best dreams. Thus, the need to change the world for the better. Too many people, they just don’t give a damn. Pity!

Needed a girlfriend, feeling like, damn it. No one cared. Nice move.

Been alone a long time, this isolation is so thick, if it were shit; you couldn’t stir it with a stick. Life has to change, and right quick!

Written by Ctopher Thomas, a 42bitpi Geek

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