Humans Lives Are So Shameful – How do they live like this?

How You Living?

I’m ashamed of my life. I don’t know how humans can live like this, it seems so far below my true self. I’m ashamed of my status in life, ashamed of my existence like this. It is so boujee, it makes me sick. This existence, it’s not living; it is a living death.

Yes, I’m ashamed of my existence in this world, it seems this solar neighborhood is the ghetto. This whole planet is ghetto. I’m not sure how people are happy existing like they are. Do they believe this is good enough; and they settle for what they have?

Maybe! I’m thankful to have what I do, really I am. It just seems like, I should have done so much better for myself. The shame of being forty-six years old and living with my mother.

The shame of living like I am with my teeth rotting in my damn skull, and no way to get them fixed. It’s down right shameful. You would think the responsible inhabitants of this world, would take some action to make it better. The human race should be ashamed of themselves for letting someone living among them to be forced to exist in this kind of conditions.

Yet, no one cares. The world is so full of apathy, they wouldn’t care if their brother or sister died. This problem with this world, it has not gotten better in twenty years. At this rate, the human race should be reduced to living in the oceans.

It is shameful the way we are existing. And they appear to be content with this existence, they actually like living like zombie cat shit. They think, “This is some good living.”

What kind of people are you?

What I want to know, is what kind of people you all are? Are you so proud that your life is great, yet you do nothing to help those around you? Is that how this world works? Sometimes, this life feels like abuse to me. Living like I am, I’m ashamed of my life; no friends, no job, no girlfriend. No one to talk with, this isolation is so thick, if it were shit; you couldn’t stir it with a stick.

No one has offered to help make it better. feeling like, what the hell? This existence is shameful, it is a downright mess. I wanted my life to be better than this. I really did.

It seems, they want to cast the blame on me; as though something is wrong with me, that I’m not good enough to exist better. The flaw with that thinking is this: If I’m not good enough, who is?

The effort I have put forth, is enough to move mountains. Yet, no one will notice, care, or acknowledge my existence. Pity. They could have known me. They could have cared. They have allowed their apathy to control their kindness.

I’ve said, “Life has to get better.” for a long time now. Seems, that somehow, no one cared. They wasn’t bothered by the conditions, they didn’t care. I guess, it wasn’t any skin off their nose to leave things the way it is.

It seems, they with-hold honor that is rightfully due, as a result, they have hurt my dignity; and my ability to have my self respect intact. That is cruelty.

The way things are, you would think; that there Christian values would have moved them to do better, that somehow they would have rose above it, and done something good about it. They should be ashamed of themselves. Really, they should.

Guess, they are only taking care of number one. Somehow, life has to change for the better. We shouldn’t have less than we do now, if anything the quality could come up a long ways.

Life is about quality, and having good quality living. The quality of my life, has not been worthy of existing. And they continued to ignore the problems, as though they don’t exist.

They should be ashamed of themselves. They have made me ashamed of my life. They won’t help me make my life better, thus, they are really jerks for being so ruthless.

If there was someone to spend time with, and my teeth were fixed, this would be more bearable. I enjoy what I am doing, a great deal; I’m just unhappy that I’m living in a damn vacuum, with no way to get input, and my output it seems no one gives a damn about.

Road Paved To Paradise

Seems this road is paved to paradise. Hmmm… Someone should have told them, it’s not going to be what they wanted, it is a bum deal, and will make you wish for a better life. Seems, they have pulled the wool over their eyes so long, they are blind.

You want a better world to live in? Follow me.

Written by Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

Photo Credit: Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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