Idea’s About Language!!

This is a fairly important idea. Please consider it carefully. What if a language could be developed that took all the most beautiful words from each language and used them to define a new language spoken and written. With just one language that is from all of the current languages.

There would have to be a book of definitions to use. And meanings would have to very clear as to prevent confusion. There should be as little ambiguity as possible so that someone can grasp the correct meanings.

There is reason to believe this could be the beauty of life. It would take some time to learn, and the modern usage would have to develop over time, however there are words that would make better in other languages.

For instance, the english word: “Fork” should be replaced with something else from another language. Spoon might be okay, there are however better words in other languages that would work wonders. It would take a team of linguists to compile the whole thing. And of course there should be careful attention paid to make sure that all the meanings are perfectly clear.

This would be beautiful. It could be all languages but just the cream of the crop, the most beautiful words from all of them. Then we could have a common language all people that includes everyone.

Think it over.

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