Should Have Been Done Long Ago…

This mission should have come to completion by now. We are almost six hundred days over due for change. Seems a large portion of the problem is that no one listens to me, and they ignore me as if I don’t exist.

As if somehow they believe that if they don’t read what I write it won’t effect them. Or as if somehow they thought it doesn’t matter because they don’t respect me enough to listen to what I have to say and because they believe that “I’m nobody” that my words are just arrogance and stupidity.

They should never understate someone as they have done to me. They should never discount someone based solely upon their own understanding. It Gods glory to conceal a matter, and the glory of kings to reveal a matter.

They will not listen, therefor because they fail to pay attention, their problems will only escalate until there is nothing that can be done to save them. Maybe I’m wrong. The things that I’m wrong about will be corrected. However what they have to consider is the things that I’m right about. They really don’t want to mistake the two, because it could wind up being very uncomfortable.

There can only be one form of uniformity. They can not have double standards. To do such would be to invite such disaster and contempt. It’s sad that things are like this. It didn’t have to be this way. It could have been better.

The problem with the borg is that their heads have been pre-programmed to only respond to events, they have no ability to reason or use logic to arrive at a conclusion of a matter. They can hardly think an idea to completion. They aren’t able to put two thoughts together and arrive at an answer, and because they can not do that, they believe in the wrong answer.

Fallacies in logic will result in their demise. Poetry is the ability to define logic. There is a lot of vogon poetry out there these days. It’s not that it’s just not great, it’s downright awful. It’s sad.

We see there is some meaning in it, but they are not craftsmen with their sword and hammer. They sling half baked ideas around like chimpanzee’s in a frenzy. None of them can put the two together. And because their minds are pre-programmed they will never be able to arrive at an acceptable answer.

I wish they would have listened. It is now however far too late. They could have been kind, while they wasn’t even nice.

Have a nice day.

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