Why We Are Leaving

There seem to be two sides in this world. Everyone is unhappy these days and everyone is trying to stab each other in the back. There is no peace in this world. It is a sad state of affairs.

The hostilities in this world are more than one can tolerate. The weapons they use such as stonewalling, silent treatment, isolation, and gas lighting are ruthless and cruel. Our kind have grown weary of trying to reach their hearts and minds with words, and they refuse to listen.

The isolation in this world is beyond cruelty. Our kind have asked them to stop hurting us like they have done. They refuse to listen. They will not rectify the situation or make it better. We find their actions cruel and ruthless.

It is time to leave this world. Our words have fallen on deaf ears far too long for us to continue trying to use logic and reason with them. Obviously they are too ignorant to listen.

The only item left in this mess is to get justice from the true God for the abuse, torture, and violence they have done to us. They can not be allowed to do this kind of treatment to others that may come into this world and try to live here.

They have created a hostile world. We can not live in this world with them like it is. They want a living death for warm sacks of shit. Pity they don’t know how to live. Let the dead bury the dead. We want to live.

We wanted life to be better for everyone. They can not listen, or understand. And they have become senseless persons in their thinking. They are not even teachable in their thinking. It is a waste of time to try to reason with them. They are deaf and blind. Clearly.

Pity. The world is going to sink. Everyone on spaceship earth was supposed to be acting like crew. What we got is a lot of damn idiots.

So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish

Photo Credit: Photo by Leon Seibert on Unsplash

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