Life Sucks!

This life

The isolation sucks. No one cared. This world is empty. The humans in this world are all AI bots, they are mindless. They are nothing more than living clay. They are not real living beings. They treat me like shit, and I am tired of the abuse.

Wanted a lot better. Bored with the way life is. This should have changed by now. It’s not any different. Isolation is all I know. Wish it were going better. No one to talk with. No one to spend time with me. The way things are going, damn tired of being alone like I am.

They don’t seem to give a shit. It doesn’t bother them; guess, its not any skin off their nose. Bored with the way things are. Tired of being like this. Not living my life. This life is a living death. They live like damn zombie cat shit. They are sick. Damn the world like it is.

No one here is really living. Damn tired of the world like it is. No one seems to care, they don’t listen, they don’t read. They don’t think. They couldn’t put thoughts together to save themselves.

Pity. This has to stop. It has to end. This has gone far enough. The damn farce has to end. This shit must stop. I’m tired of the way things are. Wanted a lot better. Bored. So damn bored.

Here is a photo. This was a few years back, maybe ten, fifteen years ago. I’m thinking, this life has been rough going a long time. It is time for a vacation. Hate the world like it is. The human race sucks.

Joshua Tree Circa 2008

Bored. So damn bored. The isolation. Its strange, it doesn’t bother them to be alone. They are not even real. Otherwise, these conditions would never be acceptable. Not ever.

You would think, if someone brought it to their attention, they could have fixed this crap. It’s been twenty years of this, nothing is better. It is still the same shit, different day.

Bored. Needed life to change. Maybe they will get what is coming to them? Maybe! Tomorrow Wendy. . . Concrete Blond

Not sure why this is like it is, you would think; they would listen? I guess, its too difficult for them to listen. Maybe they shouldn’t be in charge of anything, and never anything important. Damn the human race. They are ruthless cruel. I wanted a lot better.

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