Don’t Just Exist – Be Creative

Strive To Inspire

Life can be rough, you have to do what you can. It helps when you are working for the right reasons. Being creative adds a lot of enjoyment to life, and makes life better.

If you are not being creative, start today! Here are some ideas for creative things you can do that might help inspire someone else.


By using your mind to write, you can learn a great deal. Learning how to write can be a very rewarding activity. It will benefit you in the long run, and make your life better. By writing you can grow, and help shape the world around you. Regardless if you are writing poetry, or just journaling, there is a lot of rewards from writing.


If you pick up the paints, and practice, you can learn to do a lot. Being an artist doesn’t mean you have to create masterpieces every time on the first time. However, through practice, you might get what you want. Painting has it’s own rewards, and there is a feeling that comes with it. You never know until you try.


Learning to take really good photographs is a very rewarding past time. There is so much that you can do with photography, the possibilities are endless. There are no real limits with what you can learn to photograph, and it never really gets boring.


Learning to make music is great! You can really grow by making music, you will learn a lot, and maybe have some real fun with it. Making music will be very rewarding. Start today, you will be happy you did at some point, it will make your life better.

Visual Arts

You can have some real fun doing creative things visually. Making video, or editing video is a challenge. This kind of goes with photography, but it is a different skill set. You might enjoy learning how to do this, start today!

Inspire Others

If you have creative friends in life, then you have some people to look up to for creative inspiration. If you don’t have anyone to look up to for creative inspiration, then be an example yourself and work towards being a light in a dark place by being creative.

It can be a lonely road to travel, you have to do what you can. Work to be a source of inspiration, because the world needs your work. Help make life better, and help break this cage down until it’s no longer in existence.

Someone Once Said:

If you are not being an inspiration, then you’re just existing. Do more than live to get drunk, or have fun. Start being creative, and tear this cage down. Getting to a point, that life makes more sense again.

Somewhere there is a path for you, seek to find your path. Be creative and tear this cage down. Seek to inspire your people, by giving them something to look up to.


Do what you can to be inspiring. You will make your life better, and maybe other people’s lives better too, in the process you will grow, learn, and maybe inspire others to try their hands at being creative.

Find the time, start today!

Photo Credit: Photo by Ctopher Windus on Unsplash

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

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