Magic Playlist: Set XYZZY

Set XYZZY the magic playlist

Here is a playlist I’ve used for some time. When times are tough, you need to have the right music. This file is in pdf format so you can download it, buy the music, and listen to it on your own.

This playlist is long; however, you will find it comes with its own special list of tracks for you to listen to. It is important that you listen to the tracks in the order they appear in the playlist.

This playlist is made of 137 songs, with a play time of 9.3 hours. The artists that make up this playlist span many genres and kinds of music. It is called: Set xyzzy.

Be sure to keep the tracks in the right order. This is a magic playlist and you will find that its power is not limited to just making you feel better in tough times.

Set XYZZY, the playlist. Check it out now, download the pdf, and start listening to the music that will change your life. Be sure to create the play list in the same order on your computer. It has to be in the same order as it appears in the pdf.

Also, don’t skip songs. You have to listen to the whole list. There is magic in this playlist. You will see and feel the difference. When life gets tough, and its knocked you down; this will pick you back up.

Maybe it will inspire you to rise again, after having gotten the crap kicked out of you. I think so. I’ve had some tough days in my life, this playlist has always picked me up.

The playlist is called Set XYZZY. Download the pdf, and add the songs to your playlist today. You will be glad you did. Let me know if this playlist makes your day better.

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Photo Credit: Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

Written by Ctopher Thomas, your Misfit In Charge!

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