Mercury Retrograde

In just a few brief days, mercury will go retrograde again. The timing seems to be just the worst this year. With the election coming in less than a month, this mercury retrograde is going to be the worst thing to happen in a long while.

This year from October 13 2020, until November 3, 2020 Mercury will be in retrograde. This no doubt will be a painful ordeal this time around. Plan ahead, have your affairs in order early. This year may see some level of chaos with the way things are.

If you think 2020 is rough, wait until the last Mercury retrograde gets here. This year started out on the wrong feet, and it seems there will be no ending on a happy note. About all we can hope for at this point is to be warm enough this winter. Hopefully that isn’t too much to ask for.

Maybe we will get relief from the problems before this year comes to a completion? One can always have some hope. This mess has been going on all year, and someone is going to have to clean this crap up.

Be glad when this year is going to be over with. Maybe 2021 will be better? Times are rough, a man has to be tough to make it through this mess. Stay strong. Stay brave. Make life better for everyone.

If you are as bored as I am, then we share the same pain. You could always think about writing me a message. It would be good to hear from someone in this world. I want to know how you are living?

Seems most people these days are mass consumers with no real thoughts about anything else. Maybe its time to wake up? Maybe its time for the human race to take a vacation?

One can always have hope. Or at least freedom of thought. As if such a thing is possible anymore. Maybe for a few. Pity.

Photo Credit: Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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