The Stranger

After forty-five years in this world some of the mystery is missing. Sometimes a stranger will smile, and in passing the whim that some might know of a life outside this world. Seems there are many strangers in this world.

Seems to me; this is not my world. The current situations in this world leave no doubt in my mind, this world is a fright. Seems like I’m the one who is a stranger in this world. If it were my world, there would have been someone to spend time with me. Hence, my belief that this is not my world.

My world would have been kinder. By far. I’ve complained about the mis-treatment in this world for a long time. Seems no one has any feelings of sympathy for me about it. They must believe I’m not one of them, thus my problems are my own. It really feels like no one cares. It really does.

This isolation isn’t healthy. I have searched for twenty years for a way to make it better. However, I’ve been treated like this stranger in this world for much longer than that. Seems there isn’t one person in this world that knows more than my first name. This isolation isn’t working out very well. Tired of being treated like a stranger.

This isolation has been a problem a long time. I have asked them to make it better. They however seem to be deaf and fail to listen. It doesn’t bother them I’m always alone like this. A man at my age, should have had a family and loved friends in my life. Seems there is none of that.

I’m not popular. It feels like I’m not even liked in this world. Sometimes it is a lot to have to bear. Some kind of curse is what it feels like to me. As if someone were doing me harm from not far off. Wish that I could break this curse that is upon me. I’ve had to get tough and endure the pain of it. I wonder how much you could endure? Think you are tough? My life would kill you. It has been rough.

There are no friends in this world. I’m always alone. No one stays in touch with me. Seems no one even gives a shit. I’ve been forgotten a long time. Maybe it doesn’t matter. However, when you treat people living in your world like total strangers, it doesn’t make for good feelings from those who would like better.

At this point, humans have fallen out of my favor. I used to esteem them fairly high on the list. Didn’t know the difference back then. But twenty years of torture and hell have changed my viewpoints. Its all different now. Its sad that I have been here forty-five years, and that at this point in my life; I feel this isn’t my world.

I feel like a total stranger in this world. No real friends. No job. No girlfriend. No one really cared. They aren’t bothered by my situation, as if I’m not their kin. But I am someone’s kin. Maybe they aren’t from around here. I kind of have my hopes set. This world is a mess.

I’m bored with the status quo. Life is. Things are. I wanted a lot better. Feeling like, damn. No one to spend time with me. This isolation has been tough to deal with. Seems no one really cared either. As if I didn’t matter enough for them to give a damn.

Maybe there are a lot of people that feel like I do? Maybe. People need to be better. Life has to get better. It really does. Because if life isn’t going to get better, then by all means it has to get much worse before they will listen. Somehow, I believe they won’t ever listen. Maybe I’m wasting my time? Maybe!

Humans aren’t good companions. Never been made to feel like this world is going to work out for me. Maybe its time I moved on to some other world in this galaxy. Might be better. Maybe there is someone else in this universe that misses me. I hope so.

See my video about making life kinder and better in my next post following this one. Go on, watch the video. It is short and to the point. Its about having compassion and showing people kindness.


Photo Credit: Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash

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