Moral Conceptions

Morality Conceptions

Does the morality of an artist determine the value of their creative work? So far in as much that, if they are not morally perfect people, that their work is worthless?

This raises some interesting questions about life. If to say, that an artists work is worthless only based upon their lack of morality; and the only artists work that is worth anything is those who are completely perfectly moral. I must ask a question: would a perfectly moral person even be an artist?


It matters to be moral people. You should not lie, steal, cheat, slander, or mis-treat others. You should not have sex as an unmarried person, you should not use drugs, or drink alcohol. You should be peaceful, kind, and have purity.

Really in these matters, you have to be perfect in how you live, how you raise your family, and how you behave in society.

There is no room to mis-treat, abuse, or torture people for any reason. Regardless of their implied morality. So when it comes to creative work, if the creative work contains anything that does not fit the above, it is immoral.

And if the artist does not live a perfectly moral lifestyle, their work is therefore no matter how moral their work is, it is immoral. Because the artist is not pure.


Go back to living in mud huts, living without air conditioning, or plumbing. Watch the weather for entertainment, and enjoy being a zombie. You should be nothing more than a human cat, with nothing of yourself with no entertainment, no thought about living other than to eat and shit.

How much purity is enough? In water too pure, no fish swim. So how much is enough? We all want a better world to live in, where people are kind, and reasonable. And we want a world where people are not being mistreated regardless of what moral reasons they have for the abuse.

What Is Reasonable

In all things, proper balance matters an awful lot. Without proper balance, you hurt everyone. Regardless if you are doing good or bad, without proper balance you will harm people.

There is need for being reasonable. An artist has responsibilities to be reasonable in what they create. And they have the responsibility to be good people while doing such.

Living Life

If you want a living death, zombie cat shit; that might make some people happy for a while. Some people might really enjoy a living death. They may not even know better for what is right.

However, life is meant to be lived, and enjoyed. You are supposed to enjoy living, learning, and growing. Without growth, you remain stagnant without any real reason to live or exist.

It may be possible to dwell and exist in a world that is perfect, where people are reasonable, peaceful, kind and perfectly moral. But how long of that existence before you beg for death because life is a living death with nothing interesting, or useful?

If you really never get tired of living like that, and it doesn’t drive you out of your mind, are you sure that you are a real person? Maybe, you are just a program, that has some use but would never really understand what a real living person experiences. Then that raises some real moral implications for us, because you are not a real person that understands living.


The idea some people have about life, and living would remove any form of expression, or freedom. You would be reduced to living in mud huts, watching the weather for entertainment, and would have no creative way to express yourself. Some people, may enjoy living like that. But what about the rest of us? Do you really think that everyone would be content under those conditions? It would drive some people out of their minds to live like that. Really it seems there are people that are different, and want different things from living.

If you want to believe that the flute is too intense to be played or listened to; maybe, you should live in a mud hut. Because modern life is far too much for you and your kind.

Art and Artists

Live your life in a responsible way. Create work that is reasonable, and doesn’t glorify what is wrong. But if you have experiences that make a difference, then you should share those.

Live your life carefully that no one can criticizes you or your work. You have to be under a microscope and will be treated with utter contempt if you are not perfect.

There is human nature, and free will; people should find beauty in the acts of kindness from others. Don’t be too critical, or harsh with anyone. You should give people some room to breath, and be themselves. There should be room for people to express themselves, and their feelings. Try not to be too critical, because everyone is human, and makes mistakes in life. Who is perfect and without any fault?

Is Jack Kerouac’s work worthless because he wasn’t a moral person? Who in this world is any good?

Zombie cat shit sucks; but you know, give them what they want!

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