Solutions To Emotional Starvation

Emotional Starvation

Life today is going to take some special talents to be able to deal with what life throws at us. One of the problems people today are facing, is emotional starvation.

This happens when they are single for too long, lack loving family, and lack friendships that have value. It can lead to all kinds of bad habits, and acting out in ways that are considered risky or harmful. See link.

Some of the ways people deal with the emotional starvation is by binging on watching tv. Watching tv is a great way to get an emotional kick and temporarily meet your emotional needs. However, because these are not real situations on tv, or even real people, just actors; it sets a bad stage for your life. Because by binging on watching tv, you will expect your real life to look and feel like the ones on television do.

It won’t work. You will be disappointed to the core. The lives people live on television are not the real lives of people, those are things that people have spent weeks and months to craft, and script. It is all controlled down the very lighting used in filming the scene. Your life will never look and feel like that.


You have some options in life. First turn off the television. Start learning, and growing your person. Learn new skills, and talents. Develop a real relationship with yourself. Spend the time to keep a journal everyday for a few years. Spend time with yourself doing things that help you grow.

Go out to places you stand a chance of meeting others. What ever you do, don’t go to the bar looking to meet people. This will result in failure. Go to a book store, a coffee shop, the library, join a club or group. There are a million ways to meet new people. Even going out in nature, you might find new connections.

Emotional starvation sucks. It will leave you reeling, and diminish your life by a lot. It can lead to substance abuse, and other bad habits. You have to meet the needs of your mind and body. Try reading a book, or learning something new. Be physically active, and get outside with your time.

Learn to be alone

You have to learn to be alone to a certain degree, but your emotional needs have to be met. If you don’t have a loving family that meets your needs, you are going to have to find a safe group of people that will help meet your needs. Some people would recommend going to church. While, I’m not one to say that, it may be a solution if you find the right group of people.

It is painful to endure emotional starvation, when no one has touched you in a year or longer. When no one gives you compliments, or kindness beyond idiot levels. You have to find ways to identify that it is emotional starvation that you are facing, and understand that you have to find other ways to meet your emotional needs that are safe, and effective.

If you can learn to be alone, and deal with the emotional starvation with out getting too mean, or hard, the feelings may ease up someday. You will always be looking for way to meet your emotional needs, and you need to find ways to live with yourself that if your needs are not met, you can still be happy!

Don’t get involved in drugs or drinking

Being sober will make your life better, and help you in situations that will make your life better. You will be ready, and prepared to meet new demands when living a clean and sober lifestyle. Using drugs may satisfy your needs in the short run, but it will never leave you feeling fulfilled.

You need to have healthy relationships that meet your needs. This will involve having some real strength about yourself. It will require more effort, and work on your part to heal, and change your life. Be prepared to do the work. To put the time into it, and make your life really great. Sometimes, you might watch tv, but understand those emotions you get from watching tv are carefully crafted to make you feel something. Too much time doing that, and you will loose your true self, and crave something artificial, and fake.

Don’t settle

Crave real relationships, and spend the time, and effort to make relationships that work for you. Keep working on relationships that will produce fruit, and be worthy of living. Don’t give up, and if you have been on junk food diet of emotional needs, you won’t know the good stuff from the junk. You have to get smart, and be wise. You have to get tough with yourself, and do the work.


Emotional starvation happens when your emotional needs are not being met. Watching tv doesn’t set realistic expectations for the rest of your life, and if you want the good stuff, the real stuff; you are going to have to learn how to make real relationships and real connections that leave you feeling like a real person.

Avoid the quick fix, the instant gratification; do what takes effort, and don’t get hooked in the first place. Find and seek real people, that are like yourself, that will encourage, and build your abilities. Quality, skill, and talent are everything.

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