Quick Note Life Is Absurd

It has been a week, strange, complex, complete with the usual rubbish. Seems like it is all the same junk, just a different day. I’ve been busy working on my projects, it has been fun, I guess!

Today finished up with a video. It isn’t great; yet, it is done. I’m looking for some new projects to work on, as my current status has reached boredom levels. Not much going, seems no one reads, I’m not special enough for anyone to care. My work is all treated with the same level of indifference; as though, I don’t matter at all.

They must be really special people, to be so important. I wish that I was as special as they are. Such is life. Not much going on, trying, failing, and keep rinsing and repeating. No one will ever care.

Seems, I’m wasting my time. Need some new dream. If such a thing is even possible anymore. They won’t make the situation better, its not any skin off their nose. So why would it ever matter. They are just as happy like it is.

Here is today’s project on YouTube. See what you think!

Maybe it is a shameless plug for my blog; well, I could use all the help I can get. These days are tough. Life can be rough somedays.

Seems pointless to write, no one cares. Yet, write I will. Someday people will wonder, what drove me mad. It wasn’t the coffee, but it might have been the damn Doritos. Maybe!

Needed some friends, a job, and girlfriend. Kinda too late for any of those things at this point in the game. Pity, I had hoped my life would change with time. Seems it’s going to take a long time. Going to have to be patient about it. Something has to change. Right?

No one to talk with. Wish it were better.

Have a nice day.

Written by Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit.

Photo Credit: Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

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