Todays Lesson: Quiet Introspection

Post made with lyrics intact from the songs playing


Trying To Get It Together

Lessons from Henry Rollins, and the Rollins Band. It has been one of those days; thus, I’ve been listening to Rollins Band. And I find, it is just what I needed today. The album is: The End of Silence; and it rocks the world still to this day.

The song low self opinion came to mind today, maybe its because I see the high opinion others hold themselves in, and I’m not sure how they can reconcile the way they treat me, while holding their self opinions like they do.

Maybe they think, no one else besides them should have any self respect? Maybe! I would like to know what drives these people, and what unit of measurement they use to base their opinions upon.

Because from what I can see, there isn’t much rhyme or reason to it, just what ever floats their boat right now, this second. Seems the unit of their measurement should have some more substance to it, as though they seem to have holes in their persona. I would like to see them see through my eyes, and see themselves like I see them.

Sometimes, people have to see from a different perspective to really have understanding, and when they refuse to listen to anyone else, and they fail to see from any other perspective than their own, they become really cruel.

“It’s tearing us apart. I’ve got to get away, to see if I’m okay. Sometimes, things don’t work out.”

Rollins Band

They didn’t need to do that to us. Life could have been really great! Seems they don’t care, it’s not any skin off their nose. They don’t want the change needed to treat everyone right, they only care about their sick, twisted point of view.

You have to wonder what self hatred they contain, because their disgust seems to be their crown. If they could see themselves like I see them, they would see another side to the problems.

Seems everyone has some level of self doubt; and sometimes, you have to get a grip on the situation, just to keep your sanity. Lord knows, I’m trying to keep a tight grip on this life of mine.

A person has to be able to live with their self respect held intact; otherwise, you just want to escape the oppression and leave. The way it makes me feel; like I’m all alone. When I try to find a familiar mind, someone that understands, I see how alone I am.

Those around me, they all doubt me. They push and shove, like they are the only ones that matter. They hold us down, drive us insane, and think nothing of it. It’s not any skin off their nose to hurt us. I wish they could see the harm they do, and how it hurts us.

Seems, they can not feel. As though, they are justified in doing what they do. It makes it difficult to keep my self respect intact, and like Henry Rollins says, “You don’t have to live like that!”

You have to be able to keep your self respect intact. Otherwise, why stay, and keep going like this? It seems pointless, useless, and worthless. There has to be something of self respect that makes staying worthy of doing.

Sometimes things don’t work out, sometimes happens all the time. It’s enough to tear you apart, most days it’s enough to make you wish that there were solutions to idiots like these.

They say, before you diagnose yourself with low self esteem, or depression; first make sure, you are not in fact surrounded by assholes.

Written by Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

Photo Credit: Photo by Hao Wen on Unsplash

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